Key Points from the tournament

Hi. I made it out alive.

*Waking up at 530am to freezing cold weather
*The blistering sun that had nothing to hide behind
*My awesome T-shirt
*The whiney man storming off
*Jo-Anne getting hit with a softball, then a few near misses.
*Jo-Anne wearing bucket on head for protection
*Jo-Anne falling in porta potty and hitting her head, and me yelling "Get your bucket and get in the damn shed, woman!" At her
*Backing into a Tree
*Other key points about Walking tacos, deliciousness and lots of laughter.


Across the Universe

Great Movie

Shout out

Just wanna give a shout out to the two Canadians who viewed my site. Rock on, and welcome to America.

I suppose I should tell you about my day, but to be honest it was the same shit I deal with every day, only difference is that it was way to fucking early to be awake. I made it through, barely.

But if we can take a moment to be serious, I'm not the praying type. Perhaps one of you are? (Is? Are? Because? Fuck it's 330am. Leave me be!)
My friend from work, Penny, who is the sweetest, funniest, fattest cashier we have, (I'm not insulting her, she'd laugh.) is going on a leave of absence due to the large Lemon like tumor, and then grapefruit like tumor that both have attached themselves to her lady bits. (Sorry about the Kidney stone, when life hands you lemons.. Hope they aren't near your uterus? I don't know.)
So, yeah, I've been worried about her. We all have. She's told very few. Some are gentle and kind about asking and inquiring about her health and how she's feeling.

I take the "Jen" approach. "So when they take it out, ask for it in a jar. I totally want to see it." and other gems like, "If you threw it at a wall, would it stick in a bloody tumor-y mess?" and our favorite, "When the grapefruit is removed, make sure there is sugar on hand. They don't taste the same with out a bit of sweetness."

Maybe I'm insensitive, and a bit callous at times. But I feel the best medicine and therapy for life and the shit you get handed, is laughter. So I go out of my way to make an ass out of myself not only for them, but me as well.

So if you pray, pray good and hard for Penny. And if you don't then I'll see you in the fiery pits of hell then, won't I?


Lesson Learned

A few months ago I paid Jes' rent in full. 425. I also paid mine. Thats 850 in one month. I have yet to see a dime or have my rent be dropped lower.
Last month I gave her 160 to cover the rest of her rent and foolishly didn't write it down or keep her deposit slip.
few weeks ago I handed her 45 dollars to make it 205 that she had, meaning my next paycheck would more than cover the last 220 I owed. She informed me I only gave her 60. I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit on this one. Just big ol' stinkin' bullshit.
But it's my fault. She said she'd look into it, but I hardly doubt she has. Now her cellphone is turned off and I've handed her 250 for rent and with that 60 still owe...

So lesson learned. If she needs money for something I'm saying no. I need to get married and have a better job so I can drop this shit for once and for all. Because I can't keep doing this. Listening to her bitch about money when she "Still works at Walmart" and can have a second job, and when she has yet to take her low life of an ex to court for child support payments.
So go ahead Jes, keep on struggling. It's the hole you started digging years ago and will keep digging until you pull your head out of your ass.

Oh and did I mention the other night her and Joey got high as hell? So much for no drugs in this apartment eh? I need to get the fuck out of here. I'm terrified I'm going to come home and my shit will have been pawned or I'll be homeless. I'm so fucking scared, when I shouldn't be.


For the last five months I have bought my cigarettes at Walgreens. Never before have they been out of them. It's been 5 days. They received their shipment in yesterday. Yet none of them were my brand.

So to you walgreens I say this, WHAT THE FUCK?

Seriously, like clockwork I go in and buy them. Same brand. I don't get carded anymore, but no, you can't even stock them? I requested three cartons for the second week in June, and the manager agreed. Sorry, I didn't mean DONT STOCK THEM TIL THEN. MAH BAD.

Im fuming as I sit here smoking less than delicious shit :(


I want to write something, but everything I write turns out like crap.

She paced the floor, unwilling to accept the news she had just received. "Not happening." She muttered over and over as he stood in the hallway staring at her, "It's for the best you know that." He said softly. She turned and looked at him, as if seeing him for the first time.
"What the fuck do you mean, it's for the best?" she demanded. She had finally stopped pacing and now stood with her hands on her hips. "You wouldn't fucking know what is for the best." she threw up her hands and resumed pacing. "For the best my ass." She started muttering again.

He sighed and pushed off from the wall he had been leaning on, "Have it your way." He told her over his shoulder before entering the room they shared and closing the door behind him. He looked at his suitcase, half packed. He was leaving, he finally told her that he wasn't happy. He told her that he was sick of her drama and the fights she'd throw just because she could. He sat down on the bed, the weight causing the springs in the mattress to squeak and groan under him. He bent over and picked up a roll of socks and tossed them in along side his jeans and shirts.
He paused when he heard something slam against the wall and then shatter as it hit the floor. And in that second he knew he was making the best choice.

I can't create things in my mind like I used to be able to, and it's distressing. I've stopped playing mafia because the same shit happens over and over again. No matter what I write, it's the same crap I've spewed out before.

I need to get my ass in a writing class where people will push me to write, suggest changes and things to make my writing better. Because lord knows the shit I'm working with now isn't worth reading.


Last two days

Yesterday I didn't have to be at work until later, 4:30ish I believe, so Emily and I wandered around the square and ate lunch at Jenapeas.

It was a good time, and then I went to work. Which was an equally good time. Then I came home and went to bed. Only to wake up this afternoon to go to lunch with Em @ paneras before stopping at the bank and admitting I could put it off no longer, and started cleaning my room. My tragic mess of a room.

I leave in two weeks, and I honestly can not wait. I'm super excited and there is nothing I need more than to get away from the fuckery that is my life.
So today I'm doing my 90 loads of laundry, and as they come out of the dryer I'm putting them in the suitcase, and hopefully if they are in there they will remain safe and clean.

I only have two days off next week, Tuesday I am going to my dad's for my birthday dinner and then coming back to drink with Emily and have a packing party. She will be spending the night then we shall cause more chaos upon the town of woodstock all of wensday, in celebration of my 23rd birthday.

Ok, dryer is done, so I should get off my ass and do some more. I will return eventually.


Car rides, Rain and the best friend a girl could ask for

Emily and I made plans to go out tonight. I needed food and a bit of real company, before I started humping my tower demanding it dance with me.
I picked her up and we drove to the gas station before embarking on a journey of a lifetime.

Kidding, we just went to Dennys and probably do it like 4 times a month, but still. Dennys is a shitty national chain diner that is open 24 hours. It breeds non-conformists who conform by wearing X's clothing to be whatever X symbol they want to be. The irony of the patrons is enough to make me love it.

"John almost left me." I casually mention during the silence between "On a boat" and "Boom Boom" by the B.E.P. "Save it for Dennys, man." Is what I get before she cranks the music up. We're driving along Route 47, it's dark and raining. We're dancing and singing at the top of our lungs she she pauses, "I need your thoughts on something."
"Yea?" I asked and she popped in a CD. "I need to know what you think, because if you don't like it then I don't either."

I have a "Hearing for the first time" face when it comes to music. I Cock my head to the side, furrow my brow and focus on it all. Chords, melodies, vocal talent and the lyrics. "I don't know, it sounds like I should be drinking grog and dancing with the other locals in the village." I told her, "But agreed. His voice is hot."

We continued listening, "I don't like how he's trying to hit that low note, it's tricky but come on man, learn your range. Stick to it." and this is how the car ride went. Eventually I had to actually turn it down, "Did he honestly just sing *horribly cliched line?" while saying this, she screams the rest of the line, before turning it down again. "Man needed a rhyme, I can respect that." Note: Edited per Emily's request

We were still giggling over the cliche'd lyrics and commenting on the deep moments his songs held. We pulled into the parking lot and as I threw it into park I mused, "I think I'd like him more if he was more about everything, and less about love."
She then admitted she wanted to hit it, and we went to Dennys, thoughts of the CD gone as midnight dinner loomed ahead of it.

This is why Emily and I are friends. And why after 33 years we're as close as we were the first day in german class where I turned around in the middle of memorizing nouns and she suggest we ditch to get coffee. I quickly agreed and we bonded for life.

On the way home the CD of my dreams crapped out on me and the radio was our newest source of entertainment. Talking doesn't happen in my car, we sing and dance the darkness allowing for insanity to take control and for the first time in a few days, I'm having fun and it has nothing to do with boys or booze. It's about being comfortable and a friendship that grows stronger while Lady Gaga sings to us, "Because with love if it isn't rough it isn't fun." And us saying at the exact time, "I fucking LOVE that line."


Mmmm Hot Pockets

There is no bacon in this house, which is distressing. But thats not what I'm here to write about. This entry is about Hot Pockets. And how to a group of employees at Walmart, it became a cry of FREEDOM. Or was just used to lift boredom.

BACKGROUND: I bought lean pockets, chicken and spinach I believe, for lunch and took them in back to make them. As they were cooking, I ripped off Jim Gaffigan, with his "HOT POCKET" in a high pitched voice.
Then Courtney threw a fit about them not being hot pockets, but lean pockets. So I was going "Lean pocket?" in a high pitched voice. And then when I took a bite and the gooey delicious magma tried to kill me with it's heat, I covered my mouth with my hand and cried out, "HOT POCKET" as high pitched as before.

And thus, the monster had been created.

We were dead. Which gave me ample time to call to lawn and garden where not only Courtney was, but Rod as well. When they would pick up I'd call out "Hot pocket!" I wanted to "Do a price check on "HOT POCKET" But also didn't want to get fired.

Becky, who works in toys, came by with a cart and I ninja'd my way towards her. I Hopped on, calling out "HOT POCKET!" as my battle cry. I hot pocket'd my way towards Bethany, making her laugh as I'd peek out from behind pop coolers, and other things that are bigger than me.
I hot pocket'd Laeci, wrapping my arms around her for a hug, but sneakily opening her doritos while she was talking and stealing one, leaving with a simple "Hot Pocket!" before shoving it in my mouth and running away.

So thanks HOT POCKET for hours of amusement @ work.
EDIT: to add said Video I ripped off.

I'd say that was a sucessful "Call in Drunk" day.

Last night I drank. And then I continued drinking. And continued some more. And sobered up a bit, but realized there was no way in hell I was going to make it to work. Just no way. None. I couldn't put on pants and stop dancing!
So I called in drunk to work. Granted they think I have the flu, but whatever.

I then continued dancing and drinking. Probably till about 2pmish. Then I sobered up to head to my moms. Computer broke an hour before I had to leave and I was an hour late, missing dinner completely because I was busy turning the machine on and off hoping one of the times I turned it on, it would magically work again.

Ribs were delicious. Not as good as they have been, but I don't scoff @ Free food, yo. Note to self: You owe your mother a birthday card.

After ribs I sat around talking to my mom and petting the cat. Came back to the apartment and pretty much just passed out for the night. At this point I had been up 36 hours.
I woke up three hours later like "Alright! I'm up!"
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Body.



Dear Diary,
Today is another day that marks the day that I drive yet another friend away. The weapon? Honesty.
Shame really. I shed a tear (Literally) and I'll be sad since this person has been there for years and I took everything they said to heart, advice, jokes etc. Everything. They were the person I turned too when life got super shitty and John wasn't around.

It's like a part of me is dead. Not a bit part, but a part that made me smile and laugh when I needed it most. The part that had fights with me when I needed someone to knock me off my pedestal when I needed it the most.
So I am upset, but I'll get over it.

If you read this, I wish you the best as I always have. I hope whatever life has in store for you is as amazing and awesome as you are. I'm going to miss our late night talks of nonsense and craziness. But I understand. And maybe in due time...

Changes are coming

Sometimes something as simple as an at home dye job can change your perspective completely. It lifts your mood to know you look different and good. I guess this is why women wear makeup (And some men...) and dress a certain way. I've never really been into clothes or makeup.
My outlet of release has always been my hair. Bad breakup? Cut it. Depressed? Dye it. Just feel lousy? Do whatever you can to make it your new focus.

So I bring you, the new magical hair color.



Well that was quite the can of worms to open, wasn't it Me? Oh yes, you're a fool Jen. *Smack smack*

Work was good. I'm no longer dying. Rejoice. The two people who still read.


The last two days

The last two days have been really strange. My mind is boggled by somethings, and apparently I caught pig flu some how and spent the day not only at work with no sleep, but after leaving early puked all night. It was a good time.

Sometimes my brain confuses me, but I'm sure in due time the tangle of thoughts will work themselves out.
This is my 200th blog post. I don't know what to do with it. I was hoping for something epic and lovely but instead I leave you with the conversation I had with my manager over letting me go home early.

Me: Mina, I don't feel good. I think I'm going to puke. I need to go home.
Mina: What? We have bathrooms.
Me: Im not getting down on the walmart bathroom floor, I'd rather puke right here in front of everyone and when they as why I will tell them its because you wouldn't let me go home.
Mina: Oh. Go home, yes.

So long story short, I came home ill. And I just cleaned a bit using these Pledge Multi Surface wipes that I adore, and yet their allergen trappers fail, because I just sneezed like 8 times.

So a bit of my room was cleaned. Now if I can get the rest of it done. AND SUNDAY IS RIBS AT MY MOMMYS HOUSE!


You have to respect that someone read this-took out a writing... on Twitpic

Pig flu

I left work early today because I was sick. Very sick. I came home and things are shooting out of me every which way and I don't know why.

I'm just going to assume it's pig flu and you can all feel very sorry for me. Starting now.

I wanna be 90 something and have my husband knock me over...


Sometimes it amazes me how people can be so pig headed and daft all at the same time. You ask them a question and they respond in gibberish or anything other than the answer to the question you asked.
It's astounding how stupid some people can be.


Long post

I am fully aware that my blogging as been lax as of late. Nothing new has really happened. I can count on my hand the things that really go on in my life.
1.) Stay up either way too late or all night
2.) Think something about the roommate, good/bad doesn't matter
3.) Do something with Emily
4.) Go to Walmart and hate it
5.) Drink

Like I have a lot to say, I really do. But.. I really don't have anything interesting to say. I'm full of words, but when put together it's the same shit I did three weeks ago, just remixed.
Perhaps I need to start doing one thing differently everyday. Trying something new. A new way home, which I did and saved 10 minutes, a new food, a new drink, a new gas station.

I'm restless. I'm not very interesting.

But we'll continue on anyway, alright?

Today: I woke up at 11 and logged onto Mafa.org where I was greeted to a barrage of mails that I answered. I sat there for a good chunk of the day. Finally I realized I couldn't see my computer through the smoke cloud that had built up in my room, so I opened a window. I then realized my room was 900 degrees. I had body parts sticking to myself that should stick.

So I went and showered. After that Emily and I got in the car and went for a drive to Algonquin to eat Chinese. Which turned into Mexican. "We're on a completely different side of the world now!" I exclaimed as we sipped our goblets of beer.
On the way back we were rocking out in the car to "I'm on a boat" and then "Boom Boom Boom" and while at a light I started dancing. Not like "Buy me drinks I'm loose!" Dancing, more like "My god, is that girl alright? Honey, honey look at her, I think she's having an episode."

I finally stopped and waved at them. Happy to make someones night a bit brighter. Although looking back at it, Its odd that we wanted Chinese food to start with, I guess what we really wanted was to make some Chinese people really happy for a few moments, because Look at that, that girl is having a fit!

Yesterday was more or less the same. Except instead of Chinese or Mexican, we wanted Applebees. So we had some. It was good. I got drunk and had a blast being an asshole online. Alcohol isn't my crutch, being a complete jerkhole is! Alcohol just makes the crutch a bit more fun.

Oh yesterday I also drove to my moms. Don't remember why but got dinner for free, so rock on.

Day before that I'm pretty sure I was just drunk. I think I had decided it was my day off and 3pm was a completely appropriate time to pour a captain and diet. Not only did I pour weak ones, (You know, they'd knock a normal person flat on their ass! But not me!) but I drank slowly. I was still shitfaced when Emily and I went to Ihop, but thats neither here nor there. Ihop tastes better sober, by the way.

So those are my three days off, summed up for you right there. I know, my life is so thrilling even I'm getting goosebumps and I've already lived through it!
I work tomorrow night, for four hours. It's a shitty shift but I guess someone needs to do it. After three days off it's really hard to go back. And yet, I can't wait. Ive been trapped in this small room, smaller than the room at my moms, and yet Its been rather relaxing. That might just be because of the rum.

So there you have it, a blog entry to start off what we're all hoping is a surge of creative writing, so I can get back to doing what I love.
Talking about myself on a daily basis.

New type of blogging!

Cartoon of sorts.



I ask her to close diapers when she bathes her child so I don't accidently step in them, and she gets upset and sad like I've offended her. I don't care if my bathroom is a mess, tomorrow is cleaning day. I just don't want to step in a diaper full of baby pee.

Is that too much to ask for? Sigh.


My life in the last week

It's been fun. Mothers day was great, good meal. Happy late Mothersday to those of you who you know, have spawned.
Yesterday my lil' sis and I got our nails done since she had her 8th grade dance tonight. It seems like just yesterday I was grounded for mine for breaking my previous grounding to go skating.
Ahh good times. PEN 15 CLUB 4 LYFE!

Yes. I was a lame child.

Dinner at applebees with Hope, she loved it. We're going to try to "Bond" on a monthly basis. Out of her and Van, she's far more talkative and we have far more in common. Like a trip to the bookstore ends with debates, instead of just begging them to read something, I like that.
Hope is really just me.. with a tan.I was always concerned that when she got older she'd change. But she hasn't. She's still a dorky kid who hates to match and loves animals far too much to care a bit about boys. Lets hope it continues till she's at least 30, eh?
Because she's always going to be the girl I can count on to spend hours at the bookstore with. The one who I know will split a desert with me. The little girl who constantly asks questions about everything and anything and then go from adorable to horrible in a heart beat.

I hope she changes, and becomes more like me. In the way that I know when to keep my mouth shut. I hope she goes on to accomplish anything and everything she sets out too, because she has the brains, drive and spirit, and lord knows the girl loves to fucking read.

I want her to be whatever she wants since I know I wont get the chance. Astronaught? Go for it. Zoologist? Knock yourself out. You, will make it.

I just hope that come highschool, she doesn't start to doubt or question herself. Censor her thoughts because it isn't the norm and shy away from asking the hard questions because it's uncool. I want her to love and live life to it's fullest. She's more than capable.

God I'm a drunken sap.

For those of you bored, I'm sorry. For those still reading, My lil sister is da bomb. (So is my big sister. HOLLA. Heh.)

Pictures: First one was supposed to be a nice picture. It wasn't happening. She thought we were still learning. See explanation for Pic #2.

#2: I was teaching the girl how to be black. Her gang sign totally fell short though. Hence why the white girl is all "West side" And the black her is like "oooh Bandaid!":



It's been a long few days, and I'm sorry about the updates. Between work and being at the apartment alone I've been very busy.
In fact, I can hardly remember all that I've done.
All I know is I woke up to a 25 Overdraft fee that I don't deserve, since Chase told me with my balance inquiry that had 21.18 left in my account. I Pulled out 20. So how am I negative? Hmmm?

Anywho, I've already mailed them and if it's not fixed I'll call and yell at people for the third time in six months. Maybe start looking for another bank, who knows.
Anywho, I have to get ready for work. Tonight when I get home, I'll update.

Mothersday, Work, Sister Hope, probably some other stuff.
(Thats just a general note to myself)


We get it, the economy is down

So everyone thought Walmart was untouchable, that they weren't going anywhere huh?
WRONG. I can't say we're going anywhere, but I can say that with the opening of a brand new store 5-10 minutes away from ours, business has bombed out. And it will probably stay that way until we have grocery and produce as well.

And because the store is not making any profit, what with lack of business and renovations going on, everyones hours have been cut. There are some of us who have steadily been losing hours since after Christmas, like me. And then there are those who were part of the massive Red Xing on the schedule.

Management decided that everyone who is fulltime will lose two 8 hour shifts in two weeks. Part time is to lose two four hour shifts in a span of two weeks.
Someone explain to me how I managed to lose 11 as a part timer?

My hours were already crap, I went from 33 hours a week which payed the bills and rent and now I am down to 23 one week (With the cut) and 22 the other (With the cut)
So you have already chopped my hours, and yet you're going to cut them again when some people are still working 40 hours a week no problem?

Its time for a change. And that change is getting me the fuck out of Walmart.


More Videos and Zero Bars

So for those of you who have never heard of a zero bar, don't fret. They're delicious. Peanut butter, Carmel, and almond Nougat wrapped in delicious white fudge. I may be in love with a delicious candy bar. Yes. It's the perfect cure for PMS. I should buy in bulk.

Now, since Blogger takes 7 days to upload films I have just gone ahead and mass uploaded all of them to Youtube and as soon as they are done I will embed them here. Because that is just how I roll.

Alex: The next Cubs Second baseman...Sorta

Today was a stunning day. It was beautiful outside and yet I sat in my room online and then cleaning. But I did enjoy some of the nice weather when I headed to Alex's baseball game with my sister and Emily my Niece.

As you can imagine, it was a hoot due to small children playing an organized sport. And I use the term "Organized" Loosely. Here are some pictures and videos of the game. And not to mention after the game where for ten minutes we hung out in the back yard.

Alex was all smiles as he stepped up to the plate. I think all the kids looked like bobble heads, which is funny as heck!

Alex didn't run, he shuffled. Far more interested in the cloud of dust he created than actually getting to base. Note the holding up of the helmet to see- They are all bobble heads!

Here is Alex Shuffling to first- And yes the demonic laughter is mine.

All in all it was a fun game and now I will spam this post with pictures and movies of the lovely evening I had!

Reply from Google


Thanks for providing us with additional information. However, after
thoroughly reviewing your account data and taking your feedback into
consideration, we've re-confirmed that your account poses a significant
risk to our advertisers. For this reason, we're unable to reinstate your
account. Thank you for your understanding.

As a reminder, if you have any questions about your account or the actions
we've taken, please do not reply to this email. You can find more
information by visiting


The Google AdSense Team

That's peachy. Thanks Google, I'm glad I was able to advertise for free for ya!


Thanks Adsense!

The 66 dollars I have earned from this site, and from some of you clicking either daily or time to time, is gone. They disabled my account because of "Invalid clicking" which I find laughable.

But whatever, I don't have time for this. I'm trying to earn a bit of money to help with school and rent- but start earning it too fast, or get too close to needing them to send you a check and Blam its gone.

Because you can be damn sure they aren't going to send me a check for the 66 dollars I earned, they are going to keep it and not pay me. I wonder how many other people get screwed like this on a daily basis?

Wedding shoes

The other day John ordered me a pair of shoes off Zappos.com. They have 2ew which is the size I wear, so I found a pair of shoes I loved on the site and he bought them for me.
Well they arrived today, and I was so excited. I ran outside and was like "Is it my shoes? is it!?" and the man laughed and said yes. I quickly signed and told him to have a great day, my heart full of joy.

I get inside and tear open the box. First I notice they are not HOT PINK like the website, they are a muddy Purple pink. I try to put it on. It does not fit. I quickly put it back in the box and contemplate crying my eyes out.

Its amazing how a pair of shoes not fitting can ruin my entire mood for the day. I was looking forward to them so much, and now I'm back to square one. No wedding shoes. No shoes that fit.

Fuck you wide feet, fuck you.



It's never going to work when watching other people work out makes me tired.


The New-ish Girl

I have found someone far more irritating than Amanda at work. I didn't think it was possible, but it has happened. There is this woman, who has worked for walmart for five years, and she was transferred to our store. She is loud, when she gets on the paging system she screams. "I NEED A CSM TO DIAL 116!" It's so loud you flinch when you hear it.

She does not shut up. Yesterday I started writing down my schedule in the back and she was talking to me about her hours. "I used to work 48-60 hours a week and now I'm down to 20 something."
I just stared at her, because I knew she was lying. No way walmart was going to pay that much in overtime. Not a chance. After I clock in she's cornered a manager and is complaining about how few hours she has, "You counted 36 hours, but you want more? Thats fulltime by Walmart standards." is the last thing I heard the manager say before I quickly walked away.

Up front she cornered Lois, the head Cashier who makes the schedule. I didn't care enough to listen in on that conversation.
And so the day begain. She started telling us she'd work 7 days a week, even though it's against the law. How she could CSM, do the Customer Service desk and all this other shit. We basically all rolled our eyes at her and wandered off.
It may have been the most productive day for some of us, because we were constantly finding things to do so we wouldn't have to talk to her.

Even if we called her out on her lies, like the 7 days a week, she refused to contract her statement. So we gave up.
Kay was telling me how she was going to let that girl and me share a register, because we were BFF. I don't know where Kay got her sense of humor from, but I def. don't hate her anymore. Which is a good thing.

The only other real high points in the night were Kaitlyn coming over bitching about Linda not IDing people for smokes. I flat out told her, "Either tell a CSM or Manager and have something done about it or Shut the fuck up. There is no good in complaining about it." and she did. She shut the fuck up and I didn't see her again the rest of the night.

I learned quickly that if I don't like the way something is being done, I take it to a csm, I point it out and it's up to them to handle it. If someone is too good to redline, then so be it. But at least I pointed it out. And I will continue to point shit like that out. Because I'm nice like that.

Also some kids came in and wanted to film me and the guy having a fight. That was akward and strange. He was suposed to yell at me, but I think he thought I was going to kick his ass. LOL poor guy.

This guy came in LAST Friday and we were talking about pay, and how much I make. Turns out he called in the next day and wanted my name. They don't give out information like that, thank god. Well he was in again last night, stopped me while I was on my break and asked me my name and then said "Oh Hi. I'm Mike. I'll be in here next week at the same time." Next week I only work til 6pm so I'm hoping same time means 8pm so I will be LONG Gone.

Fucking Weirdos.



Didn't mean to have the caps on, but whateves.

Yesterday was a super busy day, yo. I woke up and sat online for a bit before Jes and I with the baby in tow headed to Algonquin to pick up my paycheck. While at Walmart I did a loop around the store, Picking up Paintbrushes, getting paycheck, Checking out with Paintbrushes and a diet coke, then cashing my check before I headed outside to the car again.
Never did I walk the same area twice, cuz I'm just pimp like that yo.

Then we stopped at Jes' bank to cash her check and put the rent money in. That was fun. After that was finished we headed to Crystal Lake, to eat lunch with Joanne and Kim at the applebees.
I really miss Jo, which stinks that instead of being right down the street from my work, she is now much further away. Booo! hisss!

After that we came home, sat around a bit, then I headed to my parents house to put the previously purchased paintbrushes to work. Wanted to put another coat of polyurathane on my shelves before the end of today. Managed to get that done and headed home to play the sims a bit, talk to john and then lay down to watch tv till 2am. (Bad me. :( )

So now, here I am awake at 11:30am and not really wanting to be. I should learn to go to bed earlier. I should also take some Midol, I'm in some pain today.
Hope everything is alright with everyone else :D