My life in the last week

It's been fun. Mothers day was great, good meal. Happy late Mothersday to those of you who you know, have spawned.
Yesterday my lil' sis and I got our nails done since she had her 8th grade dance tonight. It seems like just yesterday I was grounded for mine for breaking my previous grounding to go skating.
Ahh good times. PEN 15 CLUB 4 LYFE!

Yes. I was a lame child.

Dinner at applebees with Hope, she loved it. We're going to try to "Bond" on a monthly basis. Out of her and Van, she's far more talkative and we have far more in common. Like a trip to the bookstore ends with debates, instead of just begging them to read something, I like that.
Hope is really just me.. with a tan.I was always concerned that when she got older she'd change. But she hasn't. She's still a dorky kid who hates to match and loves animals far too much to care a bit about boys. Lets hope it continues till she's at least 30, eh?
Because she's always going to be the girl I can count on to spend hours at the bookstore with. The one who I know will split a desert with me. The little girl who constantly asks questions about everything and anything and then go from adorable to horrible in a heart beat.

I hope she changes, and becomes more like me. In the way that I know when to keep my mouth shut. I hope she goes on to accomplish anything and everything she sets out too, because she has the brains, drive and spirit, and lord knows the girl loves to fucking read.

I want her to be whatever she wants since I know I wont get the chance. Astronaught? Go for it. Zoologist? Knock yourself out. You, will make it.

I just hope that come highschool, she doesn't start to doubt or question herself. Censor her thoughts because it isn't the norm and shy away from asking the hard questions because it's uncool. I want her to love and live life to it's fullest. She's more than capable.

God I'm a drunken sap.

For those of you bored, I'm sorry. For those still reading, My lil sister is da bomb. (So is my big sister. HOLLA. Heh.)

Pictures: First one was supposed to be a nice picture. It wasn't happening. She thought we were still learning. See explanation for Pic #2.

#2: I was teaching the girl how to be black. Her gang sign totally fell short though. Hence why the white girl is all "West side" And the black her is like "oooh Bandaid!":

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