We get it, the economy is down

So everyone thought Walmart was untouchable, that they weren't going anywhere huh?
WRONG. I can't say we're going anywhere, but I can say that with the opening of a brand new store 5-10 minutes away from ours, business has bombed out. And it will probably stay that way until we have grocery and produce as well.

And because the store is not making any profit, what with lack of business and renovations going on, everyones hours have been cut. There are some of us who have steadily been losing hours since after Christmas, like me. And then there are those who were part of the massive Red Xing on the schedule.

Management decided that everyone who is fulltime will lose two 8 hour shifts in two weeks. Part time is to lose two four hour shifts in a span of two weeks.
Someone explain to me how I managed to lose 11 as a part timer?

My hours were already crap, I went from 33 hours a week which payed the bills and rent and now I am down to 23 one week (With the cut) and 22 the other (With the cut)
So you have already chopped my hours, and yet you're going to cut them again when some people are still working 40 hours a week no problem?

Its time for a change. And that change is getting me the fuck out of Walmart.

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KLo said...

That stinks : ( Knowing that you're not alone is no doubt little consolation, but I hope things get better for you soon : )