Moved to England

I've moved, officially, you can follow me at 3500 Miles From Normal for updates about how thats going. For those who aren't my mother, here is a more serious update.

I have found myself, in moments of solitude, thinking "holy crap, I live here now." and I don't think it's fully hit me just yet. It still feels like a very strange visit, where I have to cook, clean and wake up at normal times.
I get moments where I'll drift into thought, and come out of them a bit sadder than I was before I took my mental wander. Deschaun turned one year old on Sunday, and I nearly cried as I wrote out his birthday card.

This is the biggest adventure I'm ever going to get to take, and I'm having a blast- but I'm missing so much that just kills me. Like Alex is turning Six soon, and that means he's going to start losing teeth. That alone is going to be an astounding production, and I really hate not being there to hear all about the tooth fairy.

Pat hasn't spoken to me since before I left and I have no idea if we're ok or if he's mad or what. Its a normal thing with us, to drift apart for a while, but I know I can't just hop in a car and go see him. Same with Sandra and Andrea, can't see them either.

This is going to end up being one of the most difficult things I've had to do, but I admit the good outweighs the bad, but I am a sentimental fool who thinks everything in mah Little Kid's lives are important, from first birthdays all the way to Tooth fairy visits.

Clearly the only solution to this melancholy I'm feeling is for John to impregnate me. (Kidding, of course.) or you know, get me a pet of some sort. Which means we're getting a fish tank soon, so I can have fish that I can.. Uhm... watch with extreme interest.

Granted, if things get really bad and I start getting overly sad and emotional, I can just make all of you in the sims! And then I will control your little worlds! Brilliant idea, me!

But seriously, I'm fine. I'm great. I just have moments where I get lost in thought. I wouldn't change a thing about my life at this moment, other than make the ocean a bit smaller. I keep getting the questions, "Do you miss them? Do you think they miss you?" And I always reply with, "They haven't had a chance to miss me yet! Give it time!" which is true. A month or so, yeah I'll be homesick, but I can always come back for a week just to say hi if it gets really bad, I've made sure of it and John is nothing but wonderful and completely understands that it might be the case.

So thats my update, I'm safe and happy. I promise. And even if I haven't had time, theres not a moment a day goes by that the majority of my friends and family don't pass through my brain at least once.

Ps. Big Jenny, I'm sending the Kid's Bday cards early because once I get a job I imagine I will lose the awesomeness that is the (popup!) cards I purchased. Hide them away. Will be sending more awesome cards that you can dole out on days when they are behaved or whatever you parents do for stuff like that.

pps. No buttermilk here thus no Hidden valley ranch.
ppps. Diet coke not the same.
pppps. Its like 32 degrees which isn't bad, but the wind... it makes me sad.

ppppps. <3