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Just wanna give a shout out to the two Canadians who viewed my site. Rock on, and welcome to America.

I suppose I should tell you about my day, but to be honest it was the same shit I deal with every day, only difference is that it was way to fucking early to be awake. I made it through, barely.

But if we can take a moment to be serious, I'm not the praying type. Perhaps one of you are? (Is? Are? Because? Fuck it's 330am. Leave me be!)
My friend from work, Penny, who is the sweetest, funniest, fattest cashier we have, (I'm not insulting her, she'd laugh.) is going on a leave of absence due to the large Lemon like tumor, and then grapefruit like tumor that both have attached themselves to her lady bits. (Sorry about the Kidney stone, when life hands you lemons.. Hope they aren't near your uterus? I don't know.)
So, yeah, I've been worried about her. We all have. She's told very few. Some are gentle and kind about asking and inquiring about her health and how she's feeling.

I take the "Jen" approach. "So when they take it out, ask for it in a jar. I totally want to see it." and other gems like, "If you threw it at a wall, would it stick in a bloody tumor-y mess?" and our favorite, "When the grapefruit is removed, make sure there is sugar on hand. They don't taste the same with out a bit of sweetness."

Maybe I'm insensitive, and a bit callous at times. But I feel the best medicine and therapy for life and the shit you get handed, is laughter. So I go out of my way to make an ass out of myself not only for them, but me as well.

So if you pray, pray good and hard for Penny. And if you don't then I'll see you in the fiery pits of hell then, won't I?

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KLo said...

They say laughter is the best medicine : )