Thanks Adsense!

The 66 dollars I have earned from this site, and from some of you clicking either daily or time to time, is gone. They disabled my account because of "Invalid clicking" which I find laughable.

But whatever, I don't have time for this. I'm trying to earn a bit of money to help with school and rent- but start earning it too fast, or get too close to needing them to send you a check and Blam its gone.

Because you can be damn sure they aren't going to send me a check for the 66 dollars I earned, they are going to keep it and not pay me. I wonder how many other people get screwed like this on a daily basis?


Bastit said...

AHAHAHAHHAHA, I fell in the same kind of scam, I must admit it. XD
My current scammy page right now is... *checks because she doesn't remeber* oh, yeah, this one www.awsurveys.com
They will always are going to find the way to not send you your well earned money.
It makes me remember an episode from The Critic, a taxi driver starts to talk them in some weird language and Jay's girlfriend speaks the same language, so he said: "I will find another way to rip you off" (or something like that, my english right now is disabled by a lot of beer...).
So, I'm sorry for those 66 bucks, in here that's a lot of money (welcome to the third world, Jen...XD), I guess it's almost impossible to believe that someone will pay you just for clicking or filling shitty surveys. May be some of those sites are real, but I don't think so (and I really don't believe that some people actually "work" of filling those kinds of shitty surveys).
Kisses from Argentina, I will read your other entries, sorry if my english goes to the hell with the pass or time (or beers XD).
But, yes... I think my english skills are a lot better since I started playing Subeta, now I know the difference between Broke and Break. XD

Jen said...

Your english is a lot better than some Americans!

Candeh said...

I got the same thing yesterday on my account. Way to go Google on being a big Scam! What a waste of time.