High Ho, High ho...

We got the apartment. Which means tomorrow I can move out, but since I work tomorrow, I am moving out Thursday and Wednesday I'm just going to sleep on the floor of the apartment like a hobo. Or something along those lines.

I'm overly excited, and yet crippled at the same time. (knee) but it's amazing what some painkillers and sleep will do for your moral!

But now, It's time for me to head off to work. Jes wants to eat lunch with me, and I'm fully prepared to do that with her. Have a wonderful day folks.


It's Go Time!

Today is the day we find out about the apartment. I'm nervous, like this is something that will change my life forever. Then again, it very well could seeing as Im sheltered and lucky enough to still be living at home not having to pay anything for doing it.

I have a box set up and ready to fill. But looking around my room I have no idea where to begin. I've spent a very long time in this room and you can tell, my shit is everywhere. I have it stashed in areas you didn't think existed in this room.. but they are there.

This is stressful, I skipped class this morning in order to get some packing done. Well 2 hours later and I finally taped a box together so I could fill it. It doesn't feel real to me, I know it is, but my body and brain are in denial. Rightfully so, they don't want to blow the entire paycheck on rent. LOL. Poor me.

I need to get off my ass and stop putting this off. I need to put on some pants and dive on. I need a cigarette and then perhaps I can finally get something done around here.

"Wish I could shut my playboy mouth..."

I am tired, cranky and stressed. This is not a good combo for me. The slightest things are pissing me off, and I just want to curl up and sleep/cry. Between having to pack (And not getting any of that done) and my paper (two paragraphs done.) Im about ready to punch an infant in the face.
I have no idea what time I work tomorrow but I do know that I work. Great, huh? oh well. Time for me to vanish I need sleep and my knee needs ice.

Maybe when my sanity returns you can have a real update.


Just in case you were curious...

...here is "The Beast" that is eating my leg at the current moment. I'm about to get up and hobble to work, which should prove to be interesting. On the way I'll call the guy with the MRI machine and see what happens, hopefully it just needs rest and ice. Speaking of ice.. I can't wait to get home and Ice this son of a bitch.

Please reader, have a better day than me.

ps. I can't wait to get my beer at the end of the night.


"...Not the kind of penetration I was looking for."

It's been a long day. I'm glad to be done and have my ice cream next to me. I'm glad that it's done with and I can now live normally.. or as normal as I hope to.
What am I talking about you ask? Well my day of course! Hold on faithful readers, it's going to be quite the literary journey.

After I went to bed last night I woke up this morning not really wanting to move. I did eventually, mind you, but when I did I bent my knee and almost screamed in pain. After the day before where it was popping and hurting and just being all sorts of wonderful I had had enough. I got dressed and ran to class (Well drove and then walked quickly, but for visuals we're using "ran") managing not only a decent enough parking space, but to get there 5 minutes early.

I walked up to the main entrance and was suddenly surrounded by hundreds of pairs of shoes lining the sidewalks and the front "area" of the school. "What...what is this?" I asked myself. I glanced down, (Please realize that I'm having a cigarette at this time.) and read "12,000 people start smoking each day" or something along those lines. I shrug it off and walk inside, realizing The TRUTH was now at our school or someone acting like them. I got rather peeved as I walked inside and almost ran head first into a giant sign about smoking.

Now, I know its bad for me. I'm fully aware that I will most likely get cancer or some other illness due to my smoking. I don't really understand how it is going to make me, or anyone else stop smoking. And I don't think they understand that either, since about 30 students were standing by the shoes lighting up of flicking them out. I understand the TV ads since kids watch them, so it educates them further. But a college with 18+ yr olds? If they don't smoke by 18 its very likely that they will never start or become addicted.

So why waste money doing something pointless in front of a college? Oh well, their money not mine.

So after that I got a diet coke and headed upstairs to my class. I set my shit down and look at Gabi.
"Oh FUCK."
"I don't have my god damn paper..."
"What? Is it in your car?"
"I don't know, but I'm not going back down.. fuck oh fuck oh fuck."

At this point I realize I'm screwed. The paper is due today, and I don't have it. Hell, I don't even have my defense ready to present in front of the class. I'm royally screwed. I'm sweating balls, worried and pissed that I'm going to fail. I contemplate walking out, but I stay.

We get through the Juries/Defenses and mine goes a bit like this:
"In so and so's story, "Where are you going, where have you been." I believe that the road that Connie and Betty cross is symbolic of the way children and young teens try their hardest to grow up way to fast, unaware of the dangers that are out there."
Then I bullshitted some things. I had no second source, and when I sat down I gave myself a five. (zero to Twenty point scale.) Gabi, being the lovely person she is crossed out my five and wrote a ten. Made me smile.

After class ended I went up to Midday and asked if at all possible I could email her the paper because it was done. I explained that after class Wednesday I worked on it before running off to work, at my new job. Told her I left it sitting on my desk because I woke up late. She said I could. I called Jes, and told her I would be late to the meeting at Prairie view. I rushed home and quickly edited and emailed my paper, thrilled that I had passed that one.

I headed to Woodstock to meet with Jes and the apartment people. We looked at the two bedroom/two bath and liked the fact that it had Washer/Dryer and then a dishwasher as well. So we filled out an application and are now hoping, with fingers crossed, for the best. After we left there we headed to quiznos and then off to look at another set of apartments, which were smaller. So we passed.

I headed home to talk to my mom about it, and then here to Jo's where I am again. After Doya cooked dinner I headed over to Centegras immediate care to have them look at my knee again. They were closed. So I head to the one in Algonquin pissed off and raving mad at this point, frustrated because I'm injured and it sucks.

So now I have a beast of a knee brace. It goes from above my ankle to my high thigh. It's sturdy and should help with the "Twisting knee" problem I've been having. I can't bend it and walking is a pain in the ass, so I also have crutches. I'm officially a gimp. Fantastic.

I took off one of the stabilizing bars from the inside of my leg and laid it on the table at (Where else?) applebees and someone goes;
"whats that?"
"Oh just part of my brace. I took it off."
"how come?"
"Because it's just not the kind of penetration I was looking for..."

And now, you understand the topic of this post. Have a great night folks, I'm going to eat my ice cream and watch TV.

Found this on Youtube, its something I hope my Mom watches so she can eat her words :) I love when things like this pop up. Even a while after the elections. It's Lol-tastic!

Where's a vicodin when you need one?

As promised, here is your long entry. Topics to be covered: My moving out, Work, School and of course myself. (They will all tie in with the last one, since I am my favorite topic.)

So yes, I finally got the job at walmart. I'm working roughly 33 hours a week, cashiering. It's a job, and the people seem nice enough. I may last here, god save me. The last three days have been boring to say the least, with a few moments of fun/insanity. The first day I shadowed someone and they had me ringing in items and doing it all myself. The second lady that same day, refused to let me touch her register and I bagged for the next 3 hours. That blew.

I showed up on Tuesday, after being in school for an hour and having 40 minutes to myself. I sat in the back for five hours filling out the computer training program. I was proud of myself since there was a woman there who was on day two of doing these dumb things. So I went out front and shadowed someone, who let me ring things in (Thank god.) and time passed quickly. By the time I was done for the day I was beat and in pain. I headed to applebees and had a beer before going home to pass out.

Today I had german, bright and early, and needless to say I learned very little. After that had a biology test which.. *clicks around to find score* and managed to get a B on it which brings my overall grade up to a B! Which thrills me greatly, since I was really worried about it. lol.
After the test was done I headed home to eat and then head to Jo's before work. CSI NY marathon on spike, so I was absorbed in that until it was time to leave.

When I got to work I went to clock in and there was magically a new wall blocking where the time clock was. I was very confused... But then found the other one and clocked in. Shadowed some people but after "Lunch" I got to go and have my own register. It made time go by a lot quicker. By the end of my shift my knee was killing me and I may be going back to the doctor because this isn't getting any better.

Went to applebees and had my beer, then sat in the car and talked to Jes, the girl I'll be moving out with. Jes has been my friend for over a year now, and is pregnant. Due in late February, she had an apartment with one of her friends, Angie, who was also pregnant (Now has a baby girl). Well Angie has lost her damn mind and told Jes she has 30 days to get out, because she had her boyfriend over. Yes, company is apparently not a good thing.

So I told Jes I'd move in with her. It's time for me to grow up more than I have, and I have a job where I can afford to do it. So it's time. Jes' mom told her that if she moved out that was it, she couldn't move back in. So shes stuck, and has no choice and cant afford to do it alone. So I'm not only growing up, but I'm helping a friend who really needs it.
I told Jes the other night that I'm excited, but terrified. I don't want to screw this up like I Do with so many other things.

So I'm taking only one class next semester, and that means I can afford this place with her. It'll be nice because then John doesn't spend so much when he comes over to see me. Which is nice, because then he can slowly start paying back his dad.

All in all, it's been a tiring week, but very good. Tomorrow is my day off, which means I'll be going to school in the morning then to Woodstock to look at the apartment on our list and then either home to clean my room or Skokie to visit my dad. I haven't seen him since John's birthday and its due time that we go and have lunch together.

But CSI NY is still on so I'm going to resume watching it. I'm hoping this entry is adequate enough :)



I feel like I should update, but I have no time to do this. So here is a half-assed entry just for you! I got the job at walmart and today is day three (I leave in about 5 minutes.) so far I've spent 5 hours doing training on a computer, and a total of 6 hours bagging items for people. This should be the easiest job in the world, and I imagine it will be.
I'm going to be moving out and getting an appartment with Jes, because her roommate has lost her damn mind. Jes needs help and now is as good of time as any to do this. Tomorrow I finally have a day off, which pleases me because I can go see my dad, who I haven't seen since John was here weeks and weeks ago.
School is almost over, which is good. I'm getting tired of learning. Which is odd for me, but it'll be ok. Semester will start again and I'll have the one class of womens Lit/history. And then work. Lots of work.
And if it turns out that I can't afford the appartment on Walmart's pay alone I'm going to get another job waitressing or something. I haven't decided yet but being on my own is a big step and one I don't want to fuck up.

So thats it for now, I'll delve into feelings and emotions later. Like tomorrow when I have a moment to breathe!


Just another day in para...para something.

It's late and I've been up for a very long time at this point. (since 7am, roughly) and so my ability to spell "paradise" (even if I just did it...hmm) is broken. Or something like that.
Today was a day that rivaled all other days. A day that will go down in history as "The day that Jen B. (That would be me, folks.) got an A+ on her Biology practical naming off part of not only the heart, but the eye, ear and brain as well. Go ahead, ask me anything. I'll tell you where it is and what it's called. I can even tell you what it looks like on a sheep!
You ain't got nothing on my bicuspid. (Booya!)

In other news, I have decided Alex and Emily will both be getting stories from me for Christmas. It's something I've been toying with in my mind for quite sometime but never really knew how to make it work. Well, I finally figured it out. I commissioned someone on Subeta.net to draw me pictures for Emily's story, and soon I will have to find someone to draw me pictures for Alex's story. I'm really excited and can not stop doodlilng and scribbling out lines to the stories. I'm such a nerd.

I finally picked out my wedding dress. The dress, the one I will get married in (Or someone will die.) It's amazing how that morning I am "Oh We'll get married when I wanna stop being a kid!" to "Talk to your damn father, I wanna get married." something as simple as fabric and sequins can make you sing a completely different tune in the matter of minutes.
It's a beautiful dress, and I'm going to look like a princess. Which has always been my goal... well that and a pony.

In other news, Walmart has yet to call me. I shall call them tomorrow morning and I swear to god if Andrea's friend Nick smoking pot in the same room as me causes me to fail my drug test and not get this job, I'm going to kill him. Kill him dead. DEAD.
I don't approve of it, and yet they do it with the baby in the room. I just.. Why bother not smoking or doing drugs while you're pregnant if you're just going to expose her of it right after she's born?

I feel a bit hypocritical saying that, but it's been bothering me for a while. Like, really bothering me. Part of me really wants to call child services and tell them whats going on, but another part of me thinks "Is foster care really going to do anything for this baby?" and If I take it... oh who am I kidding what the fuck am I going to do with a three month old infant? It would only make my brother and Andrea hate me, and quite possibly piss my father off as well.
I don't need family drama. I get enough of that at the dinner table.

God, when that kid is 15 and smoking pot and drinking... we'll all know why. The circle is only broken if your parents start you off the right way. Sorry Dad, but it's true. At least I got a break and moved out here so I wasn't watching anyone do anything. But Sandra? She's being immersed in it now, which means her chances of growing up to be someone successful? Slim to none. Lets just hope she not only looks like her aunt, but has the same brains her aunt does.


Avoidence: Is it a noun? A verb? An adjective?

Apparently, it's "Avoidance" so I guess that means Avoidence is nothing. A normal person would correct their mistake and pretend nothing had happened. I on the other hand, think outside the box and like to appear human from time to time. Keeps the readers on a level where they can sort of relate to me, but still find me stunningly brilliant and witty.

I'm in one of my rare moods where I want to write. I need to write. My fingers, at this point, can not move fast enough to get every thought out of my head and into this 600X400 text box. There are mistakes, but they can be deleted and rewritten to suit my needs, desires and aspirations for this blog entry. Which I guess makes the whole typo in the title, ironic.

I went to the doctor today. After a day of limping, wincing and occasionally almost falling to the ground because my knee gave out, I sucked up my fear, pride and Super-Hero psyche and got in my car. Upon arriving at the Centegra Health Center, I got out of my car and promptly fell against it as pain racked over my leg. So as I flicked my cigarette across the way, I limped into the building with my shoulders back and my jaw set.

I thought I was going to the second floor. Thankfully Ugly woman was in the elevator with me, and informed me imediate care was on the third floor. So I went there instead.
After I was checked in I sat for a bit, and then proceeded to tell my entire life story to the RN who's name I can't remember and it upsets me. (She was lovely, I must admit.) I got my flu shot, to shut my mother up about it, and even recieved a HOT PINK band-aid to cover my "Battle wound" (I hate shots with a passion. Draw my blood all you like, but stay the hell away from me with shots, you commie bastards!)

This rather large man comes in and instantly I think of the guy from "Malcom in the Middle", the fat one with dark hair who worked with the mom. I'm put at ease. For once a doctor actually looks at my problem and spends time trying to figure out what hurts where, and how much pressure etc etc. X-Rays are ordered. I put my pants back on and the nice man tips me. (kidding about the tip. Although that would have been nice. Unless it was a "You're fat, lose weight." Tip that the other doctor gave me. (Omg, Seriously? I'm fat? I had no Idea!) So no, I didn't profit tonight. Sorry Pimp FrenchRoll.)

I digress,
I go and get my knee X-Rayed and it turns out that I have torn nothing. Nothing is broken or out of place. I do have arthritis, (IN YOUR FACE CRONIN! (The Doctor at Caring Family who said I was fat and just needed to lose weight to make ONE KNEE stop hurting.)) but not enough for it to be causing all of my problems. He prescribes an anti-inflammatory medicine for me. And then I ask for the good stuff, drugs for the pain. He was rather understanding about it, and I got 20 Darvocet. I must say, these things are lovely. For the first time in days I remember what it feels like to take a step and not wonder if my legs going to give (Mainly because I'm so high I could give two shits!) and theres no wincing as I walk up and down stairs. I love clouding the pain, maybe thats why I drink. (No worries Sis, I don't drink and pop prescribed pills. Uppers don't need downers, yo! Drug Addict 101. :p )

That happens to be the most exciting part of my day. Unless you count me discussing with myself the prices of tampons and which box to get, but even that was boring.


I dissected a fetal pig. We named it Sue, for Suey, and then we quickly cut her open. We have played with a sheep's heart, brain and eyeball. And for the first two I thought, and so did my lab partner, Amy, that I was going to vomit everywhere. I took numerous breaks outside to have a cigarette in a vain attempt to get the smell of whatever it was out of my nose.

Well not today, folks, not today. Today I picked up the scalpel and cut the pig a grin that "The Joker" would be proud of. I fondled it's trachea. I prodded at it's liver and kidneys. I also picked up it's hind legs and made it dance as I sang a song. "Do the humpty hump, yea do the humpty hump!"

My teacher came up behind me and asked what I was doing. "The tootsie roll!" I responded with a dead serious face. (The same serious face I had when I announced to the class that afterwards I was going to get the "Snip Snip")

So that was my day in a nutshell. I'm sure more happened, but in order to educate the masses I went a Youtube'n looking for a "Tootsie Roll" video and ended up with this and then this one, which reminds me of the girl I never wanted to be in high-school. Thankfully I never succumbed to the peer pressure that requires you to be a retarded bimbo.

You're welcome.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday...etc etc

Thursday afternoon I left school inspired and wanting to go to school full time. I got home and applied at walmart out of desperation and boredom. I grew weary of my house so I headed to Jo's where I lounged on the couch catching up on my CSI and NCIS.

My mother calls, "Where are you?" she asked me, to which I responded that I was at Jo-annes. "Oh, Walmart called." I was shocked, I had filled out the application online less than two hours previous to this call. "Call them.. wait.. Let me find the number." She rumages around and I'm amazed in the span of probably a minute she's lost the post-it that this is written on. "Ok..." she reads it off, "Speak to hope."

Now, for those of you who don't know, I have a little sister named Hope. So if you can imagine I'm confused at this point. "What? Why do I have to call Hope? Isn't she at school anyway?" I asked my mom.

"No, the lady at walmart, her name is Hope."
"ahh, gotcha. Will call."
"And ask them about hiring 16 year olds."
"Will do mom."
"And if they do hire them, can you help Van fill out an application when you get home?"
"Sure thing, Mom."

At this point we say our goodbyes and I call Walmart. Now, I know retail during the holiday season blows. I worked at Toys R' US when I was 16. It sucked majorly. But this is 8.15 and hour with a promised 33 hours a week. Thats almost 1k a month, which isn't bad if you're someone like me. By the time fall rolls around again I should have enough saved up to buy a pony. Not that I want a pony, it's just my example.

Saturday morning, 9:30 AM is when my interview is. I show up at 9:12AM.
See, I have this problem where I fear that I'm going to be late. I hate being late. So I leave really early assuming that whatever traffic I may hit is going to be out of control. I'm visioning rush hour at 9am on Randal. And I'm talking night time Rush hour. I'm just silly, I guess.

They take me in the back room and we go over forms and theres a few questions, like why theres gaps in my employment history. I use School, which is what I always use. It works like a charm. Always.
So after Hope is done asking me questions in comes Lois, head Cashier. (Think Anita, but in a Walmart world.) And Lois is armed with some papers with stupid questions which I answer, examples of how something went wrong, doing the right thing, quality vs. Time etc etc. I spew out what they want to hear and then Lois thanks me and calls in Mike.

Mike is a manager. Asks the same questions, over and over and over. I pass. Then comes in Tim. I joke "Wow, Musical Managers!" A few people laugh, apparently Tim does not have a sense of humor. We go over the drug testing, we go over the policys. He leaves, I skim whatever they put on the screen in front of me. I'm done before he's back so I sit and wait... and wait... and wait. He comes back, "Done already?" I guess most people who work at Walmart read at a 2nd grade level (NO OFFENSE, BUT THE MAN WAS SHOCKED OK!?)
So I joked, "Probably should have warned you I'm a speed reader, huh?" Still no laugh. I've made it my goal to make this man at least crack a geniune smile before I leave. I contemplated farting, since that makes everyone laugh but at this point I was gas free.
Tim leaves and I'm back to Hope, who I started out with.
"Now, they explained about the drug test, correct?" She asked me.
"Nope! But I'm assuming if theres an accident I'll be tested?"
"Well yes, but you also have to get one before we hire you."
"Not a problem."
She fills out the forms and hands them too me. I get told what I'm paid, what the dress code is and then I see myself out. She said as long as the test comes back clean I should expect a call mid week. So, I have a job.

Then I came home to babysit Emily who wanted nothing more than to go outside. I explained several times that a.) She had no boots and b.) I wasn't go to get her boots since I had no carseat. This did not make the child happy. Coolwhip on the other hand, did.
Snack was gingerbread. Or I should say, was supposed to be gingerbread (She didn't want the Pumpkin shaped pretzels or the cheese crackers, Sorry!) so she liked the gingerbread, and I don't. But I wasn't going to get something she didn't have because then she'd just want mine. So I covered mine with half a container of cool whip. She got a huge dollop.

So I guess what I"m saying is, we both had delicious cool whip for snack.

For dinner I made hotdogs. And by made, I mean microwaved. (I am a slave to the kitchen.) and for dessert I put food coloring in the applesauce to make it "Princess Pink!" and added some cool tiedyed butterfly sprinkles to it.
She had two bites of both the hotdog and the apple sauce and opted to instead, wander through the house with the whole wheat bun in her hand occasionally shoving it in my face. I couldn't even get mad at her since the one thing she ate all of was the healthiest thing on her plate!

My parents finally get home, and I go grab my purse. My sister Hope got her Sugar gliders in. (Flying squirrel things.) I wanted to see them. It quickly resulted in "Oh Jenny, get it out of the closet!" and "Jenny, can you catch it?"

I finally escaped that madness only to realize I left not only my ID downstairs, but my purse upstairs.. where they are trying to catch a squirrel. Great. Head back upstairs and wait until it's safe for me to go in. When I finally do my mom looks at my purse and says, "Oh Hi Alex!"
Which confuses me greatly but I leave, and fast.

I get in the car, drive to Andreas where I play some rockin' guitar hero and then babysit for some more. This time it's a three month old who really has no idea who I am. I fed her while drinking a mikes hard lemonade. (Bottle for baby, bottle for me!) and contemplated a nap. While heading to the kitchen to make bottle number two I twist (My already swollen and sore knee, not sure how hurt it to begin with.) my knee and start limping as I resist the urge to curl up in a ball holding my knee and crying. I make it back to the chair with the bottle in hand and resume feeding the baby.

After that bottle is done with Andrea comes back and I have to tell her that I need to go home because I've done something horrible and bad to my knee. I need a doctor, an icepack and my teddy bear. She understands and hugs me goodbye. I get halfway back to the car and magically my knee no longer makes me wince every time I step. I don't understand it, but it's still swollen and sore. Good job me!

I get home an hour later and crawl into bed. I plug in my phone, call John and then go to sleep. I woke up the next morning with cramps from hell. Decided I needed my heating pad and then went back to sleep. Woke up around noon with the strangest desire to eat oatmeal, which anyone who live(s)(d) with me will tell you, I'm not a huge fan of oatmeal.

I ate my oatmeal and then sat around doing jack shit for the rest of the day. Went to Applebees after I remembered Amy B. and I had a study session planned. had two drinks and a 6 dollar steak before helping close the bar, getting hit in the head with a brandy snifter, and having water squirted at me. Headed home and crawled into bed once more.

This morning I woke up and sat around for a really long time. Eventually I wandered upstairs to inquire about food, and then back downstairs to do nothing. Big Jenny and the kids show up so I drag myself upstairs yet again, (It was really this thrilling. And its now 1am. My desire to be witty is GONE.) this time armed with a book and every intention of sitting and reading. Which I guess is what I did. With a bit of chasing and wandering and laundry thrown in.

Long story short, dinner was good. Its amazing how the kids being over makes dinner pleasant and not at all silent and brooding like it normally is. We should have kids over more often, no one gets yelled at (Read: I don't get yelled at.) which is something I'm really fond of.

There was cake, cake, more cake and did I mention the cake?
Goodness I want some cake :(
<== Me eating cake batter. After everyone left I headed back down to the bat cave to sit around and finish reading my book... that I had started around 4pm when everyone got there. finished it around 9pmish. It was a really good book. I find it comforting to read the tales of a waiter, and like how for once I can relate to something I read and has nothing to do with Turgid members or dewey love petals.

After that I realized that I wasn't tired, (Am now! This typing stuff is EXHAUSTING!) so upon learning that Emily(Friend Emily, not Niece Emily. See Right.) ==>
had her birthday on the 8th of November (Previously believed to be the 11th of November, how drastically wrong was I?) so I, feeling guilty, told her to put on some pants and I'll come pick her up to take her for pancakes. Genius plan, right? Right. So we head to the Ihop.

For those of you who don't know of Ihop, you should be ashamed of yourselves. And that is all I'm going to say on that matter. I had a feast of breakfast food and by the end of it, I dropped Emily off and headed home. I finally got home, my knee having enough fun, aching with every step as if to remind me that I should really go see a doctor and stop walking on it so damn much.

And thats where I met you, Mr. Blog. In a dark corner of my room with a diet coke in one hand and my cell phone in the other, calling John to tell him I got home safe. And now that I have written a small novel about the last few days of my life, I'm going to take my pants off, crawl into bed and get some much needed and deserved sleep. Because 7AM comes super fast on Mondays and before you know it, its 3am and you're wondering why you're still awake.

On a side note: Eventually I will go to the doctor. Just like I do for all my ailments. When they become far to painful to manage and I'm crying because I am absolutely miserable. I'm not there yet though!


Meet Alex, my adorable nephew. Alex has hemophilia, which is where his blood doesn't clot at all. He's had it since he was a wee little baby and because of his awesome parents and medical research/science he lives a normal life. (Unless you count his Aunt freaking out every time he runs on concrete or through the house...)

Well apparently Mr. Alex has internal bleeding going on, and serious bruising on his (Left?) leg. I must admit that I am worried, as usual. His dad, Brad, is taking him up to the Milwaukee Children's hospital, and quite possibly tonight my Mother and I will be on babysitting duty for Emily, my equally adorable niece.

I'm sure everything will be fine, I worry to much and think of the worst instantly. But doctors know what they're doing. But look at these two, they're just too gosh darn cute. And they better make him "All better" before I give them in Milwaukee some internal bleeding of their own, got it?

SO. Onto less upsetting things, like my Biology test. Which I took today and finished in 10 minutes. Lets be honest here.. as brilliant as I may claim to be, spitting out facts about the human body in great detail is not one of my fortes. Infact, I would much rather spit out a delicious cupcake, than tell you about how a nerve cell functions and relays messages. (Which was one of the questions I "40 horses in a stable" to find the right answer. Which was D, I believe. (Einey meanie miney moe only gave me B.)

German was boring a s usual, I find it amazing that with only a month or less to go with this semester and there are still people in the class who are dumber than a brick. It's impressive, actually. I sat there and doodled for a good 30 minutes and when called on gave the correct answer and went back to my super hero doodle.

My life is mundane and boring. I need something new and exciting to happen that doesn't involve anyone going to the hospital. That would be nice. I'd bake a cake for the event as well.


Yes We Can.

At 10pm Chicago time Barack Obama has passed the 270 electoral votes needed.
Hell, Fucking yes.

If I was still in public I'd take my pants off and do a victory lap.

Election Day...2008

Today is election day. I have to be up in roughly 7 hours to vote before I go to English, but yet I'm awake. And what happens to be on my mind? Nothing less than the fate of our country being at the hands of the uneducated voters.
Perhaps thats too harsh. I'm sure they're nice people, but after my mother told me "I think Sarah Palin's a smart lady!" I doubt the majority of Americans voting McCain/Palin this term. Seriously, if you can tell me you think she's smart with a straight face, you deserve a cookie.

Tonight at dinner (Chicken Enchiladas mmm.) I wanted to tell both of my parents why they are stupid for voting McCain. But because I enjoy living here for free, I shoved another bite of food in my mouth and pushed the thought aside. My parents are the kind of voters I fear. The kind who only vote one way, and because that candidate is part of their political party, they pretend to watch the debates, they half listen to the news.. but in the end the choice they make is ironically based on nothing more than a color (Red, Blue.) or if you want to discuss shape, Donkey or Elephant.

My real father has told me that if McCain is voted into office we're moving. I don't live with the man, and he has no control over my life.. but I am to pack my bags and head to Canada or England. I'd prefer England, thanks.
I don't want this economy to suck anymore than it already does. I don't want the money I have saved for a house someday, to be useless because no one can afford shit. I don't want to piss away my college money because no one will hire me, and gas is so high I need to sell my kidney to fill my tank.
I don't want anymore people to die. I don't want to sign up for classes I don't want to take just to fill my semester so I can have healthcare. I don't want to watch my siblings who actually are inspired and interested in this election to become disheartened. I dont want them to think, "Well if he can't get what he wants out of life, why should I bother?"

Most importantly, I don't want McCain/Palin to win.

So in 7 hours I will hop in my car and drive the three blocks to the beach were the polls are set up. I'll vote Obama, get my sticker and pray to god that maybe this time around my vote actually counts for something.
Oh, and I suggest you all vote as well, unless of course you're voting for McCain, then you can just stay home. ;)

Happy Election day, everyone. Make your voice be heard. It's your right. (Unless you are not American. And then your shit out of luck :( )


My Apologies, Blog.

Dear Blog,
I am sorry for forsaking you after a week. It's not that I don't have things to write it about. It's more along the lines of John's been here (As you should know.) and we've been busy with school and school work and all sorts of other things. We bought a Wii today with guitar hero, and we're currently playing it and it's kicking some serious ass. I've taken a break as it makes my eyes go a bit wonky after a bit.
Yesterday we drove to DesPlains to visit with Andrea and Sandra, the baby. She's gotten so big. I predict that when Pat finally gets out of jail, he's going to cry at the sight of his little girl. After we left DesPlains the four of us headed to Skokie to have dinner with Dad and Barb at the cheesecake factory for John's birthday. It was a really good time, shockingly enough, sometimes I miss my dad and I love going to see him even if it means I have to drive more than an hour to get there.
It's now my turn to play guitar hero, so I shall bid you farewell. Happy Halloween everyone, I'll try to update again tomorrow.