Wedding shoes

The other day John ordered me a pair of shoes off Zappos.com. They have 2ew which is the size I wear, so I found a pair of shoes I loved on the site and he bought them for me.
Well they arrived today, and I was so excited. I ran outside and was like "Is it my shoes? is it!?" and the man laughed and said yes. I quickly signed and told him to have a great day, my heart full of joy.

I get inside and tear open the box. First I notice they are not HOT PINK like the website, they are a muddy Purple pink. I try to put it on. It does not fit. I quickly put it back in the box and contemplate crying my eyes out.

Its amazing how a pair of shoes not fitting can ruin my entire mood for the day. I was looking forward to them so much, and now I'm back to square one. No wedding shoes. No shoes that fit.

Fuck you wide feet, fuck you.


Bastit said...

I have a problem with shoes.
A several one.
I'm really small, and my feets are really small too, so "Grown up woman shoes" doesn't come in my size EVER.
I went once to play bowling and they gave me the kids size shoes, with cute bears all over the shoe, while my friend were wearing the adult ones. Oh, so embarrassing. XD
So, every fucking shoe I want, boots, high tops, and everything, comes in sizes that are too big for me. =T_T=
I hope you'll get luck with those shoes, and don't let that a pair of shoes ruin YOUR FUCKING DAY, I can figure how much excited you was, and I know it was really disappointing, but have hope: you will find your perfect shoes. :)

Jen said...

Thank you hun, you're so encouraging after a few beers :p