Didn't mean to have the caps on, but whateves.

Yesterday was a super busy day, yo. I woke up and sat online for a bit before Jes and I with the baby in tow headed to Algonquin to pick up my paycheck. While at Walmart I did a loop around the store, Picking up Paintbrushes, getting paycheck, Checking out with Paintbrushes and a diet coke, then cashing my check before I headed outside to the car again.
Never did I walk the same area twice, cuz I'm just pimp like that yo.

Then we stopped at Jes' bank to cash her check and put the rent money in. That was fun. After that was finished we headed to Crystal Lake, to eat lunch with Joanne and Kim at the applebees.
I really miss Jo, which stinks that instead of being right down the street from my work, she is now much further away. Booo! hisss!

After that we came home, sat around a bit, then I headed to my parents house to put the previously purchased paintbrushes to work. Wanted to put another coat of polyurathane on my shelves before the end of today. Managed to get that done and headed home to play the sims a bit, talk to john and then lay down to watch tv till 2am. (Bad me. :( )

So now, here I am awake at 11:30am and not really wanting to be. I should learn to go to bed earlier. I should also take some Midol, I'm in some pain today.
Hope everything is alright with everyone else :D

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