Long post

I am fully aware that my blogging as been lax as of late. Nothing new has really happened. I can count on my hand the things that really go on in my life.
1.) Stay up either way too late or all night
2.) Think something about the roommate, good/bad doesn't matter
3.) Do something with Emily
4.) Go to Walmart and hate it
5.) Drink

Like I have a lot to say, I really do. But.. I really don't have anything interesting to say. I'm full of words, but when put together it's the same shit I did three weeks ago, just remixed.
Perhaps I need to start doing one thing differently everyday. Trying something new. A new way home, which I did and saved 10 minutes, a new food, a new drink, a new gas station.

I'm restless. I'm not very interesting.

But we'll continue on anyway, alright?

Today: I woke up at 11 and logged onto Mafa.org where I was greeted to a barrage of mails that I answered. I sat there for a good chunk of the day. Finally I realized I couldn't see my computer through the smoke cloud that had built up in my room, so I opened a window. I then realized my room was 900 degrees. I had body parts sticking to myself that should stick.

So I went and showered. After that Emily and I got in the car and went for a drive to Algonquin to eat Chinese. Which turned into Mexican. "We're on a completely different side of the world now!" I exclaimed as we sipped our goblets of beer.
On the way back we were rocking out in the car to "I'm on a boat" and then "Boom Boom Boom" and while at a light I started dancing. Not like "Buy me drinks I'm loose!" Dancing, more like "My god, is that girl alright? Honey, honey look at her, I think she's having an episode."

I finally stopped and waved at them. Happy to make someones night a bit brighter. Although looking back at it, Its odd that we wanted Chinese food to start with, I guess what we really wanted was to make some Chinese people really happy for a few moments, because Look at that, that girl is having a fit!

Yesterday was more or less the same. Except instead of Chinese or Mexican, we wanted Applebees. So we had some. It was good. I got drunk and had a blast being an asshole online. Alcohol isn't my crutch, being a complete jerkhole is! Alcohol just makes the crutch a bit more fun.

Oh yesterday I also drove to my moms. Don't remember why but got dinner for free, so rock on.

Day before that I'm pretty sure I was just drunk. I think I had decided it was my day off and 3pm was a completely appropriate time to pour a captain and diet. Not only did I pour weak ones, (You know, they'd knock a normal person flat on their ass! But not me!) but I drank slowly. I was still shitfaced when Emily and I went to Ihop, but thats neither here nor there. Ihop tastes better sober, by the way.

So those are my three days off, summed up for you right there. I know, my life is so thrilling even I'm getting goosebumps and I've already lived through it!
I work tomorrow night, for four hours. It's a shitty shift but I guess someone needs to do it. After three days off it's really hard to go back. And yet, I can't wait. Ive been trapped in this small room, smaller than the room at my moms, and yet Its been rather relaxing. That might just be because of the rum.

So there you have it, a blog entry to start off what we're all hoping is a surge of creative writing, so I can get back to doing what I love.
Talking about myself on a daily basis.

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