I'd say that was a sucessful "Call in Drunk" day.

Last night I drank. And then I continued drinking. And continued some more. And sobered up a bit, but realized there was no way in hell I was going to make it to work. Just no way. None. I couldn't put on pants and stop dancing!
So I called in drunk to work. Granted they think I have the flu, but whatever.

I then continued dancing and drinking. Probably till about 2pmish. Then I sobered up to head to my moms. Computer broke an hour before I had to leave and I was an hour late, missing dinner completely because I was busy turning the machine on and off hoping one of the times I turned it on, it would magically work again.

Ribs were delicious. Not as good as they have been, but I don't scoff @ Free food, yo. Note to self: You owe your mother a birthday card.

After ribs I sat around talking to my mom and petting the cat. Came back to the apartment and pretty much just passed out for the night. At this point I had been up 36 hours.
I woke up three hours later like "Alright! I'm up!"
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Body.

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