Dear Diary,
Today is another day that marks the day that I drive yet another friend away. The weapon? Honesty.
Shame really. I shed a tear (Literally) and I'll be sad since this person has been there for years and I took everything they said to heart, advice, jokes etc. Everything. They were the person I turned too when life got super shitty and John wasn't around.

It's like a part of me is dead. Not a bit part, but a part that made me smile and laugh when I needed it most. The part that had fights with me when I needed someone to knock me off my pedestal when I needed it the most.
So I am upset, but I'll get over it.

If you read this, I wish you the best as I always have. I hope whatever life has in store for you is as amazing and awesome as you are. I'm going to miss our late night talks of nonsense and craziness. But I understand. And maybe in due time...

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