Car rides, Rain and the best friend a girl could ask for

Emily and I made plans to go out tonight. I needed food and a bit of real company, before I started humping my tower demanding it dance with me.
I picked her up and we drove to the gas station before embarking on a journey of a lifetime.

Kidding, we just went to Dennys and probably do it like 4 times a month, but still. Dennys is a shitty national chain diner that is open 24 hours. It breeds non-conformists who conform by wearing X's clothing to be whatever X symbol they want to be. The irony of the patrons is enough to make me love it.

"John almost left me." I casually mention during the silence between "On a boat" and "Boom Boom" by the B.E.P. "Save it for Dennys, man." Is what I get before she cranks the music up. We're driving along Route 47, it's dark and raining. We're dancing and singing at the top of our lungs she she pauses, "I need your thoughts on something."
"Yea?" I asked and she popped in a CD. "I need to know what you think, because if you don't like it then I don't either."

I have a "Hearing for the first time" face when it comes to music. I Cock my head to the side, furrow my brow and focus on it all. Chords, melodies, vocal talent and the lyrics. "I don't know, it sounds like I should be drinking grog and dancing with the other locals in the village." I told her, "But agreed. His voice is hot."

We continued listening, "I don't like how he's trying to hit that low note, it's tricky but come on man, learn your range. Stick to it." and this is how the car ride went. Eventually I had to actually turn it down, "Did he honestly just sing *horribly cliched line?" while saying this, she screams the rest of the line, before turning it down again. "Man needed a rhyme, I can respect that." Note: Edited per Emily's request

We were still giggling over the cliche'd lyrics and commenting on the deep moments his songs held. We pulled into the parking lot and as I threw it into park I mused, "I think I'd like him more if he was more about everything, and less about love."
She then admitted she wanted to hit it, and we went to Dennys, thoughts of the CD gone as midnight dinner loomed ahead of it.

This is why Emily and I are friends. And why after 33 years we're as close as we were the first day in german class where I turned around in the middle of memorizing nouns and she suggest we ditch to get coffee. I quickly agreed and we bonded for life.

On the way home the CD of my dreams crapped out on me and the radio was our newest source of entertainment. Talking doesn't happen in my car, we sing and dance the darkness allowing for insanity to take control and for the first time in a few days, I'm having fun and it has nothing to do with boys or booze. It's about being comfortable and a friendship that grows stronger while Lady Gaga sings to us, "Because with love if it isn't rough it isn't fun." And us saying at the exact time, "I fucking LOVE that line."

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