Mmmm Hot Pockets

There is no bacon in this house, which is distressing. But thats not what I'm here to write about. This entry is about Hot Pockets. And how to a group of employees at Walmart, it became a cry of FREEDOM. Or was just used to lift boredom.

BACKGROUND: I bought lean pockets, chicken and spinach I believe, for lunch and took them in back to make them. As they were cooking, I ripped off Jim Gaffigan, with his "HOT POCKET" in a high pitched voice.
Then Courtney threw a fit about them not being hot pockets, but lean pockets. So I was going "Lean pocket?" in a high pitched voice. And then when I took a bite and the gooey delicious magma tried to kill me with it's heat, I covered my mouth with my hand and cried out, "HOT POCKET" as high pitched as before.

And thus, the monster had been created.

We were dead. Which gave me ample time to call to lawn and garden where not only Courtney was, but Rod as well. When they would pick up I'd call out "Hot pocket!" I wanted to "Do a price check on "HOT POCKET" But also didn't want to get fired.

Becky, who works in toys, came by with a cart and I ninja'd my way towards her. I Hopped on, calling out "HOT POCKET!" as my battle cry. I hot pocket'd my way towards Bethany, making her laugh as I'd peek out from behind pop coolers, and other things that are bigger than me.
I hot pocket'd Laeci, wrapping my arms around her for a hug, but sneakily opening her doritos while she was talking and stealing one, leaving with a simple "Hot Pocket!" before shoving it in my mouth and running away.

So thanks HOT POCKET for hours of amusement @ work.
EDIT: to add said Video I ripped off.

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Anonymous said...

That was freakin' hilarious :) "I paid for that??" LOL