The New-ish Girl

I have found someone far more irritating than Amanda at work. I didn't think it was possible, but it has happened. There is this woman, who has worked for walmart for five years, and she was transferred to our store. She is loud, when she gets on the paging system she screams. "I NEED A CSM TO DIAL 116!" It's so loud you flinch when you hear it.

She does not shut up. Yesterday I started writing down my schedule in the back and she was talking to me about her hours. "I used to work 48-60 hours a week and now I'm down to 20 something."
I just stared at her, because I knew she was lying. No way walmart was going to pay that much in overtime. Not a chance. After I clock in she's cornered a manager and is complaining about how few hours she has, "You counted 36 hours, but you want more? Thats fulltime by Walmart standards." is the last thing I heard the manager say before I quickly walked away.

Up front she cornered Lois, the head Cashier who makes the schedule. I didn't care enough to listen in on that conversation.
And so the day begain. She started telling us she'd work 7 days a week, even though it's against the law. How she could CSM, do the Customer Service desk and all this other shit. We basically all rolled our eyes at her and wandered off.
It may have been the most productive day for some of us, because we were constantly finding things to do so we wouldn't have to talk to her.

Even if we called her out on her lies, like the 7 days a week, she refused to contract her statement. So we gave up.
Kay was telling me how she was going to let that girl and me share a register, because we were BFF. I don't know where Kay got her sense of humor from, but I def. don't hate her anymore. Which is a good thing.

The only other real high points in the night were Kaitlyn coming over bitching about Linda not IDing people for smokes. I flat out told her, "Either tell a CSM or Manager and have something done about it or Shut the fuck up. There is no good in complaining about it." and she did. She shut the fuck up and I didn't see her again the rest of the night.

I learned quickly that if I don't like the way something is being done, I take it to a csm, I point it out and it's up to them to handle it. If someone is too good to redline, then so be it. But at least I pointed it out. And I will continue to point shit like that out. Because I'm nice like that.

Also some kids came in and wanted to film me and the guy having a fight. That was akward and strange. He was suposed to yell at me, but I think he thought I was going to kick his ass. LOL poor guy.

This guy came in LAST Friday and we were talking about pay, and how much I make. Turns out he called in the next day and wanted my name. They don't give out information like that, thank god. Well he was in again last night, stopped me while I was on my break and asked me my name and then said "Oh Hi. I'm Mike. I'll be in here next week at the same time." Next week I only work til 6pm so I'm hoping same time means 8pm so I will be LONG Gone.

Fucking Weirdos.


KLo said...

I CANNOT STAND working with people like that!!!!!!! Sounds like you're handling it much better than I would : )

Jen said...

I'm not one to try to hurt peoples feelings. TRY being the key word. But today she avoided me, thank god.

Bastit said...

Well, i didn't surprised me...
In here the laws about work sucks really bad. You are working in a coffee shop and the daughter of the owner is fucking in the bathroom while you are breaking you butt off, and ANYBODY do a shit about it. I've heard from a friend that she was having a little verbal fight with this girl and the bitch said: "Well, it look that you don't have enough sex in your life, and I'm not surprised about it". Yes... it's true.
And you can't say shit about it, because you get fired and you really need the money, so you have to stand that kind of behaviour from a 16 years old brat that only want to get fucked in the bathroom again. -__-
About the stalker... LOL! I had a few stalker in my life, ignore the guy, at least Mike didn't stalk you from the other block for 3 hours while you were drinking a beer with your friends, like it happened to me.
Good luck!!!!!!!!!!