It's never going to work when watching other people work out makes me tired.


MrK said...

Hey! Don't give up before you started! I'll be there with you every step of the way <3

Jen said...

Dont you mean, "I'll be there dragging you every step of the way!"?

Bastit said...

I know what are you talking about, it looks like Billy Blanks eats batteries every day with his corn flakes, I can't understand how he doesn't die of a heart attack in the middle of his Tae-Bo rutine. XD
A good excercise is to walk a lot (but is boring as hell) and indoor bike excersie is good too. You can smoke and still make it good! I know because I have one and, even if I smoke a lot, I don't get tired easily.
Try doing excercise listening music you like (not some Womanizer Britney shit), or watching something (like a movie) in your computer while you are doing it.
Have plenty water close to you, and a good way to lose weught fast is wearing a plastic bag around you (I will try to explain it: a BIG bag of plastic, like the one for trash, you cut a hole for your head and arms and you have a plastic trash dress. XD). That makes you to transpire faster with less exercise.
And drink a lot of green tea, that drink is marvelous when you are in diet.
Good luck!