Last two days

Yesterday I didn't have to be at work until later, 4:30ish I believe, so Emily and I wandered around the square and ate lunch at Jenapeas.

It was a good time, and then I went to work. Which was an equally good time. Then I came home and went to bed. Only to wake up this afternoon to go to lunch with Em @ paneras before stopping at the bank and admitting I could put it off no longer, and started cleaning my room. My tragic mess of a room.

I leave in two weeks, and I honestly can not wait. I'm super excited and there is nothing I need more than to get away from the fuckery that is my life.
So today I'm doing my 90 loads of laundry, and as they come out of the dryer I'm putting them in the suitcase, and hopefully if they are in there they will remain safe and clean.

I only have two days off next week, Tuesday I am going to my dad's for my birthday dinner and then coming back to drink with Emily and have a packing party. She will be spending the night then we shall cause more chaos upon the town of woodstock all of wensday, in celebration of my 23rd birthday.

Ok, dryer is done, so I should get off my ass and do some more. I will return eventually.

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