The last two days

The last two days have been really strange. My mind is boggled by somethings, and apparently I caught pig flu some how and spent the day not only at work with no sleep, but after leaving early puked all night. It was a good time.

Sometimes my brain confuses me, but I'm sure in due time the tangle of thoughts will work themselves out.
This is my 200th blog post. I don't know what to do with it. I was hoping for something epic and lovely but instead I leave you with the conversation I had with my manager over letting me go home early.

Me: Mina, I don't feel good. I think I'm going to puke. I need to go home.
Mina: What? We have bathrooms.
Me: Im not getting down on the walmart bathroom floor, I'd rather puke right here in front of everyone and when they as why I will tell them its because you wouldn't let me go home.
Mina: Oh. Go home, yes.

So long story short, I came home ill. And I just cleaned a bit using these Pledge Multi Surface wipes that I adore, and yet their allergen trappers fail, because I just sneezed like 8 times.

So a bit of my room was cleaned. Now if I can get the rest of it done. AND SUNDAY IS RIBS AT MY MOMMYS HOUSE!

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MrK said...

"The last two days have been really strange. My mind is boggled by somethings"

Talk to me <3