It's Go Time!

Today is the day we find out about the apartment. I'm nervous, like this is something that will change my life forever. Then again, it very well could seeing as Im sheltered and lucky enough to still be living at home not having to pay anything for doing it.

I have a box set up and ready to fill. But looking around my room I have no idea where to begin. I've spent a very long time in this room and you can tell, my shit is everywhere. I have it stashed in areas you didn't think existed in this room.. but they are there.

This is stressful, I skipped class this morning in order to get some packing done. Well 2 hours later and I finally taped a box together so I could fill it. It doesn't feel real to me, I know it is, but my body and brain are in denial. Rightfully so, they don't want to blow the entire paycheck on rent. LOL. Poor me.

I need to get off my ass and stop putting this off. I need to put on some pants and dive on. I need a cigarette and then perhaps I can finally get something done around here.

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