Election Day...2008

Today is election day. I have to be up in roughly 7 hours to vote before I go to English, but yet I'm awake. And what happens to be on my mind? Nothing less than the fate of our country being at the hands of the uneducated voters.
Perhaps thats too harsh. I'm sure they're nice people, but after my mother told me "I think Sarah Palin's a smart lady!" I doubt the majority of Americans voting McCain/Palin this term. Seriously, if you can tell me you think she's smart with a straight face, you deserve a cookie.

Tonight at dinner (Chicken Enchiladas mmm.) I wanted to tell both of my parents why they are stupid for voting McCain. But because I enjoy living here for free, I shoved another bite of food in my mouth and pushed the thought aside. My parents are the kind of voters I fear. The kind who only vote one way, and because that candidate is part of their political party, they pretend to watch the debates, they half listen to the news.. but in the end the choice they make is ironically based on nothing more than a color (Red, Blue.) or if you want to discuss shape, Donkey or Elephant.

My real father has told me that if McCain is voted into office we're moving. I don't live with the man, and he has no control over my life.. but I am to pack my bags and head to Canada or England. I'd prefer England, thanks.
I don't want this economy to suck anymore than it already does. I don't want the money I have saved for a house someday, to be useless because no one can afford shit. I don't want to piss away my college money because no one will hire me, and gas is so high I need to sell my kidney to fill my tank.
I don't want anymore people to die. I don't want to sign up for classes I don't want to take just to fill my semester so I can have healthcare. I don't want to watch my siblings who actually are inspired and interested in this election to become disheartened. I dont want them to think, "Well if he can't get what he wants out of life, why should I bother?"

Most importantly, I don't want McCain/Palin to win.

So in 7 hours I will hop in my car and drive the three blocks to the beach were the polls are set up. I'll vote Obama, get my sticker and pray to god that maybe this time around my vote actually counts for something.
Oh, and I suggest you all vote as well, unless of course you're voting for McCain, then you can just stay home. ;)

Happy Election day, everyone. Make your voice be heard. It's your right. (Unless you are not American. And then your shit out of luck :( )


big jen said...

well I think you will be pleased to know you aren't the only voter in the household (ok I don't live there anymore but it should count for something)who voted for Obama - mostly becuase he inspires me and I am hopeful for our future when I listen to him.

Your - darling big sis

P.S. And you aren't the only one who thinks that mom is crazy for her political views - which are primarily based on the republican support of right to life vs. right to choice.

MrK said...

"Happy Election day, everyone. Make your voice be heard. It's your right. (Unless you are not American. And then your shit out of luck :( ) "

What about me? :(

And no, that's not all I got out of what you just said but like the thing with the Wii I had to make myself heard.

But as an outsider looking in the best man has certainly won out this time. Now though the hardest task lays ahead of him. Living up to all the hype. I sure hope he has what it takes.