Where's a vicodin when you need one?

As promised, here is your long entry. Topics to be covered: My moving out, Work, School and of course myself. (They will all tie in with the last one, since I am my favorite topic.)

So yes, I finally got the job at walmart. I'm working roughly 33 hours a week, cashiering. It's a job, and the people seem nice enough. I may last here, god save me. The last three days have been boring to say the least, with a few moments of fun/insanity. The first day I shadowed someone and they had me ringing in items and doing it all myself. The second lady that same day, refused to let me touch her register and I bagged for the next 3 hours. That blew.

I showed up on Tuesday, after being in school for an hour and having 40 minutes to myself. I sat in the back for five hours filling out the computer training program. I was proud of myself since there was a woman there who was on day two of doing these dumb things. So I went out front and shadowed someone, who let me ring things in (Thank god.) and time passed quickly. By the time I was done for the day I was beat and in pain. I headed to applebees and had a beer before going home to pass out.

Today I had german, bright and early, and needless to say I learned very little. After that had a biology test which.. *clicks around to find score* and managed to get a B on it which brings my overall grade up to a B! Which thrills me greatly, since I was really worried about it. lol.
After the test was done I headed home to eat and then head to Jo's before work. CSI NY marathon on spike, so I was absorbed in that until it was time to leave.

When I got to work I went to clock in and there was magically a new wall blocking where the time clock was. I was very confused... But then found the other one and clocked in. Shadowed some people but after "Lunch" I got to go and have my own register. It made time go by a lot quicker. By the end of my shift my knee was killing me and I may be going back to the doctor because this isn't getting any better.

Went to applebees and had my beer, then sat in the car and talked to Jes, the girl I'll be moving out with. Jes has been my friend for over a year now, and is pregnant. Due in late February, she had an apartment with one of her friends, Angie, who was also pregnant (Now has a baby girl). Well Angie has lost her damn mind and told Jes she has 30 days to get out, because she had her boyfriend over. Yes, company is apparently not a good thing.

So I told Jes I'd move in with her. It's time for me to grow up more than I have, and I have a job where I can afford to do it. So it's time. Jes' mom told her that if she moved out that was it, she couldn't move back in. So shes stuck, and has no choice and cant afford to do it alone. So I'm not only growing up, but I'm helping a friend who really needs it.
I told Jes the other night that I'm excited, but terrified. I don't want to screw this up like I Do with so many other things.

So I'm taking only one class next semester, and that means I can afford this place with her. It'll be nice because then John doesn't spend so much when he comes over to see me. Which is nice, because then he can slowly start paying back his dad.

All in all, it's been a tiring week, but very good. Tomorrow is my day off, which means I'll be going to school in the morning then to Woodstock to look at the apartment on our list and then either home to clean my room or Skokie to visit my dad. I haven't seen him since John's birthday and its due time that we go and have lunch together.

But CSI NY is still on so I'm going to resume watching it. I'm hoping this entry is adequate enough :)

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