"...Not the kind of penetration I was looking for."

It's been a long day. I'm glad to be done and have my ice cream next to me. I'm glad that it's done with and I can now live normally.. or as normal as I hope to.
What am I talking about you ask? Well my day of course! Hold on faithful readers, it's going to be quite the literary journey.

After I went to bed last night I woke up this morning not really wanting to move. I did eventually, mind you, but when I did I bent my knee and almost screamed in pain. After the day before where it was popping and hurting and just being all sorts of wonderful I had had enough. I got dressed and ran to class (Well drove and then walked quickly, but for visuals we're using "ran") managing not only a decent enough parking space, but to get there 5 minutes early.

I walked up to the main entrance and was suddenly surrounded by hundreds of pairs of shoes lining the sidewalks and the front "area" of the school. "What...what is this?" I asked myself. I glanced down, (Please realize that I'm having a cigarette at this time.) and read "12,000 people start smoking each day" or something along those lines. I shrug it off and walk inside, realizing The TRUTH was now at our school or someone acting like them. I got rather peeved as I walked inside and almost ran head first into a giant sign about smoking.

Now, I know its bad for me. I'm fully aware that I will most likely get cancer or some other illness due to my smoking. I don't really understand how it is going to make me, or anyone else stop smoking. And I don't think they understand that either, since about 30 students were standing by the shoes lighting up of flicking them out. I understand the TV ads since kids watch them, so it educates them further. But a college with 18+ yr olds? If they don't smoke by 18 its very likely that they will never start or become addicted.

So why waste money doing something pointless in front of a college? Oh well, their money not mine.

So after that I got a diet coke and headed upstairs to my class. I set my shit down and look at Gabi.
"Oh FUCK."
"I don't have my god damn paper..."
"What? Is it in your car?"
"I don't know, but I'm not going back down.. fuck oh fuck oh fuck."

At this point I realize I'm screwed. The paper is due today, and I don't have it. Hell, I don't even have my defense ready to present in front of the class. I'm royally screwed. I'm sweating balls, worried and pissed that I'm going to fail. I contemplate walking out, but I stay.

We get through the Juries/Defenses and mine goes a bit like this:
"In so and so's story, "Where are you going, where have you been." I believe that the road that Connie and Betty cross is symbolic of the way children and young teens try their hardest to grow up way to fast, unaware of the dangers that are out there."
Then I bullshitted some things. I had no second source, and when I sat down I gave myself a five. (zero to Twenty point scale.) Gabi, being the lovely person she is crossed out my five and wrote a ten. Made me smile.

After class ended I went up to Midday and asked if at all possible I could email her the paper because it was done. I explained that after class Wednesday I worked on it before running off to work, at my new job. Told her I left it sitting on my desk because I woke up late. She said I could. I called Jes, and told her I would be late to the meeting at Prairie view. I rushed home and quickly edited and emailed my paper, thrilled that I had passed that one.

I headed to Woodstock to meet with Jes and the apartment people. We looked at the two bedroom/two bath and liked the fact that it had Washer/Dryer and then a dishwasher as well. So we filled out an application and are now hoping, with fingers crossed, for the best. After we left there we headed to quiznos and then off to look at another set of apartments, which were smaller. So we passed.

I headed home to talk to my mom about it, and then here to Jo's where I am again. After Doya cooked dinner I headed over to Centegras immediate care to have them look at my knee again. They were closed. So I head to the one in Algonquin pissed off and raving mad at this point, frustrated because I'm injured and it sucks.

So now I have a beast of a knee brace. It goes from above my ankle to my high thigh. It's sturdy and should help with the "Twisting knee" problem I've been having. I can't bend it and walking is a pain in the ass, so I also have crutches. I'm officially a gimp. Fantastic.

I took off one of the stabilizing bars from the inside of my leg and laid it on the table at (Where else?) applebees and someone goes;
"whats that?"
"Oh just part of my brace. I took it off."
"how come?"
"Because it's just not the kind of penetration I was looking for..."

And now, you understand the topic of this post. Have a great night folks, I'm going to eat my ice cream and watch TV.

Found this on Youtube, its something I hope my Mom watches so she can eat her words :) I love when things like this pop up. Even a while after the elections. It's Lol-tastic!

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