Meet Alex, my adorable nephew. Alex has hemophilia, which is where his blood doesn't clot at all. He's had it since he was a wee little baby and because of his awesome parents and medical research/science he lives a normal life. (Unless you count his Aunt freaking out every time he runs on concrete or through the house...)

Well apparently Mr. Alex has internal bleeding going on, and serious bruising on his (Left?) leg. I must admit that I am worried, as usual. His dad, Brad, is taking him up to the Milwaukee Children's hospital, and quite possibly tonight my Mother and I will be on babysitting duty for Emily, my equally adorable niece.

I'm sure everything will be fine, I worry to much and think of the worst instantly. But doctors know what they're doing. But look at these two, they're just too gosh darn cute. And they better make him "All better" before I give them in Milwaukee some internal bleeding of their own, got it?

SO. Onto less upsetting things, like my Biology test. Which I took today and finished in 10 minutes. Lets be honest here.. as brilliant as I may claim to be, spitting out facts about the human body in great detail is not one of my fortes. Infact, I would much rather spit out a delicious cupcake, than tell you about how a nerve cell functions and relays messages. (Which was one of the questions I "40 horses in a stable" to find the right answer. Which was D, I believe. (Einey meanie miney moe only gave me B.)

German was boring a s usual, I find it amazing that with only a month or less to go with this semester and there are still people in the class who are dumber than a brick. It's impressive, actually. I sat there and doodled for a good 30 minutes and when called on gave the correct answer and went back to my super hero doodle.

My life is mundane and boring. I need something new and exciting to happen that doesn't involve anyone going to the hospital. That would be nice. I'd bake a cake for the event as well.


Big Jen said...

I'll bake 2 cakes and some monster cookies for that event!!!!

Jen said...