Theres been a few ups and downs regarding my trip to England this summer. But now, now I have nothing to worry about because I can go. They have sent me my visa, and if the buzzer works it should be here later today.
Other wise tomorrow I have to pick it up from the office. But I have the visa, I was approved, and I can stop stressing about it.

After they got all of my paperwork, since I didn't send them a bank statement with my name on it, so I had to fax it the other day... It only took about a day for them to look at it and go, "Yup. She's not poor. Accepted!" which rocks my socks off.

But now, its super early in the morning and I want caffine. I shall continue writing at a later date. Probably after my 6 days in a row at work. You know, since everyone totally works six days in a row. *Slits wrists*

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Libërty said...

Yessssssssssss!! gooo you.