Sweet Pampering

Knowing that I have finished two out of my six day work week, I prepared myself for the remaining four days by indulging in a bubble bath that smelt like vanilla cupcakes.
After about 40 minutes of soaking and singing Cher songs at the top of my lungs, I showered and am now sitting in my warm room about to enjoy a cigarette before I get dressed and blow dry my hair.

John is here on the 13th, shame he's going to miss Jesus. (HIDE THE EGGS!) But I have some how managed to get five days off that week by begging and pleading with people I work with. Success is mine.

So while he is here we will plan the wedding, eat home cooked goodies and enjoy our time together while I Slaughter him at video games, drinking games and quite possibly even sex games.

I can not wait.

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Libërty said...


sounds like so much fun.