Maybe I'm selfish, but perhaps its time for that?

Emily and I made plans a few days ago to go to dinner tonight. She decided to get wasted last night and be hung over this morning. Which is fine, except she's drinking everyday. We worry that I'm an alcoholic, but she puts me to shame.
She bailed on the plans due to last night she got home and decided to fight with her boyfriend about nothing. So instead of me having an awesome fun night with my friend, I had a shitty night sitting at my computer thinking.

Thanks Emily, you know how much I love to think.

So I told her, until the drinking is no longer a problem I can't keep doing this. I look forward to things, and then when I'm told their not happening it's like someone telling me there's icecream only to tell me it's melted right before I get out the scoop. Or something like that.

These three days I have tried to fill my time up with activities, most of which have involved being at my parents house, where I am calm and rational. Where there are people to talk too and bother.
But tonight I'm stuck alone in my room with nothing but the voice in my head to keep me company.
Oh and the captain, which I will be pouring shortly.

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Lynn said...

Hi Jen -

Just an FYI - I went to leave a reply to your comment on Evil Beet under the AWFUL "Why Did Jimmy Fallon Marry Fat Arms" post. I was completely agreeing with you on why you were offended, but also, about all the hypocrites who showed up after the insincere "I'm sorry" post, with the back handed apology from Beet.

Anyway, just a warning, she unceremoniously banned me/censored my comments. Apparently, she's all about free speech, but only if you kiss her ass and agree with her. So, word to the wise. You could be banned for exprrssing an opposing opinion, not sucking up to her. I was, and I've been a loyal Beet follower for years.

Anyway, LOVED your post calling out the brown nosers!! Rock On. Lynn