I'm offically out of my gourd

I was royally pissed off earlier, with good reason and decided the way to deal with my anger was to take a walk. So I got my pants on and put on my shoes. Grabbed a hoody and headed downstairs. I needed smokes and figured I'd battle the rain the .52 miles to the walgreens and the .52 miles back. Turns out the temp. has dropped drastically and the rain has created an ice skating rink out of the world.

And if that wasn't bad enough it was windy and PELTING SNOW at me. But I went anyway. I walked all the way there and back with nothing but the painful icechunks being whipped at my face and my thoughts to keep me company.

I only fell once. And I pondered just laying down on the frozen asphalt and dying, but got up and continued on. The ice nearly killed me a dozen or so times, but I didn't fall again. My knee is fine and my body is starting to thaw out. I just really needed to get out and I feel much better for doing so, even if it was mildly painful.

So that was my night, and why I'm absolutely fucking insane.


Wendie said...

Not insane. Perhaps a nicotine addict. But not insane. It's times like that that really make you stop and take inventory. Is the addiction still worth it?

Jen said...

I could have driven to the store, I walked because I was pissed off. But I can't walk with no goal, so nicotine became my goal.

It was a damn shame Walgreens doesn't sell booze.