Good Morning, World!

This morning is just like every morning! Horrah for normalcy! Actually, this morning I have decided that the 26 dollars I have on Itunes needed to be spent and did so by broadening my selection of songs on my Ipod. All very exciting don't you agree?

I honestly don't have much to report on. Last night I went over to Emily's house and opened my AWESOME Christmas present. She got me "Hello, Cupcake!" which is this super adorable whimsical book full of awesome and adorable cupcake ideas. I can not wait till I can try them all out!

It's only nine days until John gets here. The time has flown by, which I think has something to do with work and how its sucking out my soul day by day. I have so much shopping to do, and thank goodness Emily got me that giftcard to Walmart, because I'm totally going to be using it to get some shopping done today on my break. I enjoy not having to spend my money on other people. I'm so cheap its painful.

I got paid and my first thought was "Oh! Time to shop!" And my next thought was "Fuck.. rent.." So all in all I'm still adjusting to this whole "Not spending" thing thats going on. Helps that Im too tired to do anything other than sit on my ass and update my facebook status.

I have to go get ready for work now, but I assure you blog readers that sometime in the next week I will update again. HONEST.

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