Dinner Party time!

So yesterday my dad came over and we went Christmas shopping. We ended up spending 170+ bucks on a 4 month old. Yes, that child is spoiled beyond belief. I'm a bit annoyed, but the girl deserves the swing. My dad has plans for X-mas eve at my other grandmother's house and my Aunts. But we decided to have a dinner here for Him, Barb, Pat, Andrea, the baby and John.

Great plan, yes? You would think that. But this is my Christmas week. Work, Work, Work, Work. Christmas Eve, up at 7am to work until 11. Come home and wrap everything. Head to Big Jenny's house. Go home and wrap more. Sleep. Wake up early to talk to John's family. Pack up the car and head to my Mother's for rasin bread and presents.

Head home on Christmas day and start cooking. People show up. Cook more. Open presents. Eventually Pass out and call it a day. Wake up and go to work.


I gotta find some things to cook. I also have to make sure Pat and Andrea are going to be included in this. Because if so I have to find something for us all to eat and I'm thinking Chicken. *nods*

And to make things even better, I woke up this morning and took my vitamins only to puke them back up. Very strange and not really sure whats going on with my body. But whatever. I ate and now will sit around doing nothing until it's time to go to work. (Oh yay!)

And Ps. Paula Deen just said, "Come on over here and stick your head in this oven!" This bitch is CRAZY!

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