I know, I know. I promised I'd talk about the wedding and having my new family here and leading the British around. And I know I was going to talk about life after the fire, and everything thats been going on.. But its.. Its just not what I want to talk about. so HA.

Tonight I watched Julie and Julia. For those of you not familar with the book/movie it's about a woman who wanted to be a writer, gave up half way through and started working in a call center after 9/11. She wanted something more out of life and started blogging. 365 days for all the recipes in Julia Child's cook book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Well she did it, but as I'm watching I'm thinking "I have a brand new cook book. I love writing."
John and I joked when we opened the cook book that we'd cook a recipe each day, trying it out. And that it'd take me over 2 years to finish. And it would, there are about 700 recipes in it. But I figure, why not?

Why not combine the two things I love more than tulle, tiaras and Facebook? Cooking and writing. Add in some picture taking, maybe a video here and there.. and I could actually have the cooking blog I've thought about making for over a year now.

I'll have nothing but free time when I get to England, and plenty of people I can feed if I invite them over. I don't see the problem, and since the wedding, I'm actually super excited about something.

So stay tuned, because soon I'm going to have another blog, and hopefully I'll update it far more than I've been updating this one.

And because you've been so patient I'll throw in a picture of the Groom and I dancing to our first dance.
You're very Welcome.

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