Aftermath: Thoughts

"When are you moving to England?" Is the question on everyone's mind, including my own. I know, it's a big move. I know it's stressful.. and I know right now its a pain in the ass.

We started doing the visa today but it requested a "Departure date" and a "return date" which is just silly because I won't leave until I know when they will let me, and I plan on not returning. Other than to visit. So right now it's all a pain in the ass.

A lot of people have been asking how married life has been, and to be honest it feels the same as it did when John came to visit. We hang out, watch TV, internet fun, and just spend time together. Which is what we do. Nothing feels differently to me, maybe him because now he's married.. I don't know. To me it feels the same.

Granted I'm fully aware I'm married. But I'm also fully aware that come Sunday night I have to say goodbye yet again, like I always do. And I'm going to have to be strong and hold back my tears and pretend that I'm a seasoned pro at this. You'd think after three years I'd be ok with all of this, but it sucks that I know I'm not going back with him.

It seriously sucks.

Edit: Visa people got back to us Via email and said they can't tell us what to put. Wtf. That makes no sense. This is the biggest pain in the ass ever. :/ would have been easier if I was English. Or he was American.

Fuck us for being the most unconventional couple ever. :(

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MrK said...

Seasoned pros we may be my love but believe me it's hard for me to think of leaving you, especially now. But we'll get through and it will all work out, pain in the ass it is but just think, this is the last hurdle and we didn't come all this way to be together to be stopped by some red tape.

It's going to be hard, it's always hard for me to leave you but I love you and you love me so we'll be just fine.

<3 <3 <3