And Life continues as normal.

You would think being married would make us a bit more mature and less strange. Turns out, this is not the case.

dumdum: How was the film?
Jen: Shitty as hell
Jen: Like HD is total crap
Jen: I mean the special effects sucked balls
dumdum: yeah I figured they would
dumdum: fuck HD
dumdum: and
dumdum: you had to watch it on such a small substandard tv too
dumdum: and the couch is so far away
Jen: I know :(
Jen: My life is so hard.
dumdum: yeah
Jen: This computer is actually made of coconuts. :/

As much as I miss him, I'm going to miss these moronic conversations as well.

dumdum: this one is made of rasins
Jen: I'd say don't eat it, but you hate raisins.
dumdum: yeah only good for making computers with really
Jen: They're Grapes that just didn't make the cut :(
Jen: Or the wine, rather.
Jen: Or the jelly
Jen: In fact.. I don't think you're ready for this Jelly.
Jen: Sorry 2 say, BB.
Jen: But Keep your hands off the jelly.
Jen: Stick to the preserves, they have chunks of fruit.
Jen: No raisins though.
dumdum: Which ninja injected you with liquid crack while you were away?

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MrK said...

You married me, moronic conversations will be rife :p