Serious blog time

One thing I never really noticed until I got this job at Walmart is how many single mothers there are. And not even like "Divorced" women, more like girls younger than me with 2-3 kids already. Seriously, when did the Crystal Lake area turn into the ghetto of Chicago?

I had a girl the other day who was my age, with four children. Of course she was on food stamps. Everyone is on food stamps. But even after the food stamps she had to put things back, because she bought way too much makeup for her to afford. Not even things for the kids. No, makeup.

I've made it a habit now, and only realized yesterday that I do this, to check the hands of young women with children. Most of them don't have rings. It irritates me to no end that instead of kids having kids being a bad thing, kids having kids is becoming almost like the norm.

And don't think I am not happy that our state has programs to help the women, but it seems like because of these programs more and more girls are being less careful because they can get on food stamps, or have wic. (Coupons for food, baby forumla etc.) Besides, Link pays for my food as well, since Jes is on it.

But it just irritates me. Seriously. And the people who buy nothing but crap food anyway, that irritates me as well. The thing that gets me the most are the women who come through the line with their nails all nice, good clothes, designer bags and they're on food stamps. Seriously?

I don't know their lives, I only get what they present at the walmart check out, but still...
Really? you're 20, have two kids and instead of having money to pay for your things, your mom has to pay for you and you're going on a trip tomorrow? wtf.

Seriously, either get on some birth control women, or close your fucking legs. Accidents only happen once. after the second it's clearly your own damn fault.
Nifty fact: I sell more Pregnancy tests than I do boxes of condoms.


Anonymous said...

A very interesting fact at the end, and an intriguing blog to go along with it.

Anonymous said...

interesting blog. I had a yound patient the other day who died of a blood clot to her lungs because she was on birth control pills. Abstinence really is the way to go! You are also correct in noting that if you are going to have children they should be your number one priority not your nails! People are buying junk food with food stamps because they can afford more of it. Milk, meat and vegetables are outrageously priced. Sometimes even at Walmart.

Jen said...

This is true. Also fresh veggies and bakery items are not covered by foodstamps. At least not at walmart...