I've got a feeling

There is something about weddings that makes me crave romance. So the last two nights I have stayed up way past my bedtime to read. A whole book. Each night. About 400 pages long each. I crave more. I don't want to sleep because I have a stack of books that need to be re-read. Not even "read" re-read. Because I just crave reading right now. I don't know if it's because after the stress, worry and everything else I want a break but whatever. At least I'm not drinking, right?

Today was fucking AWESOME. Seriously. Woke up at noon and showered. Picked up the Emily and we headed to Starbucks to start our day off right, with some over priced froo froo coffee that I have grown to love. With patrons staring at us for being odd and having strange accents, we giggled as we pulled away.
We started to David's Bridal in Rockford, about an hour and a half away, and my sister calls. Apparently she assumed I'd go to Shaumburg. Silly woman. So we had a good 30 minutes, Emily and I, to browse the dresses and what not.

My mom, Big Jenny, Hope and Little Emily finally arrived. I was whisked away to try on my dress again for alterations. I recall at some point I asked my sister if it made my butt look big. Apparently it does. :p
I've opted to wear my black Aldo shoes, because I like being tall, and it saved me nearly 200 bucks on hemming. Rock on me!

After I managed to get out of my massive dress, we had Little Emily try on hers. She just ran around, twirled and smiled like a silly kid who hit jackpot. Rather adorable. She has no idea I got her that tiara, but I feel sorry for my sister who will have to explain to the girl that she can't sleep in the dress.

The ladies tried on several dresses, each one looked better on one person and terrible on another. I had given up hope, slightly, when Hope picked out a dress and I agreed, figuring it'd be better than just blindly guessing at this point.
Well boy howdy. Who would have thunk that my tomboy of a sister could pick out a dress that would look fantastic on all three ladies? Kudos Hope, I owe you a cookie.

Dramatics ensued when Emily learned she had to take the dress off. The little one of course, although at one point during my alteration Big Emily had to leave because she was tearing up. Rather cute, I think. But you know how I feel about emotions.

Anyhow, We purchased everything and headed home. Big Emily and I headed to lunch at the Parrot place, where we enjoyed rice, Crab Rangoon and Mai tais. Mmm delicious.
I dropped her off and headed on home where I was ready to take a nap (Odd since it's now 6am. Silly body, get tired plz.)

I started registering for things, and after a few hours had passed I realized I had amassed a large amount of objects. Granted, the things I want from America don't appear to be on Amazon.uk.co but whatever. Target had them, and worse comes to worse I will ship.
I then spent an hour coordinating colors and making things match on another site, but apparently I don't exist on there which pissed me off.

So I escaped from the Internet with Emily to relax at the Denny's and rock out to music.
then I returned home to click on the Internet some more but after so much clicking realized I wanted to read. So read I Did, and a few hours later I have finished yet another book and am very tempted to pick another one up and start reading that.

John is not going to be pleased when he reads this :p

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