Parents who shop at Walmart

Yesterday was "Unwed mothers of several" day and today is "Child abuse" day. Seriously, day in and day out I watch parents scream at their kids, ignore their kids of say shit to their kids that makes me want to punch them. Today some lady told her kid to shut up and then when he was still talking she looked at him "Why are you still talking, I said shut your damn mouth!" Honestly, the kid is five, what the hell is wrong with you?

The worst thing I have ever seen in regards to this was from today, it made me want to cry and then throw down my badge, call the cops and walk outside to beat the shit out of this father. His daughter had walked to the jewelry display, she's about 6 or so, and he goes to grab the back of her dress, not her hand, her dress. And she starts screaming. She's crying and screaming as I check them out, and as she turns to walk out the door I see the nail scratches down her back, some red from blood.

Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with you. Why couldn't you reach for her arm? Her hand? Hell, apologize for that shit. Accidents happen, but the force that he grabbed her with? There was proof. Horrifying, and I swear to god if I ever see him out side of work, he better hope I'm not lugging around my 20lb purse because I'll make him scream and cry just like he did to his daughter.

And I hate that I have to stand there, smile at them and thank them for coming in. Instead of saying whats really on my mind, these people get away with it, because I have to do my fucking job. It's fucking bullshit. Absolute bullshit. People fucking disgust me. Just when I thought I couldn't be more irritated with the general population, someone has to go and prove me fucking wrong. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Wal-mart is chaos, everywere. It take your soul, devour your flesh and replace your mind with a empty shell made of flase dream and over-estimed perfection of life.
Yeah... That guy should be careful with his daughter.

Forrest said...

Yes I know exactly how you feel. I have worked at Hell-Mart and feel your anguish and torment. We need to get a hold of these secuirty cameras and show the footage to Social Services.

Anonymous said...

being fat and bitchy on the internet must be such hard work lol.

Jen said...

Yes, because caring for a child is clearly me being a bitch. Silly me.

As for the fat comment, it's really not that hard. Steady diet of junk food and a lack of exercise helps.

Walmart has killed my soul, its been gone since month three. But now that there is no communication with anyone I like, it's just mind numbing ass-hattery.