A letter to my life...

Dear Walmart,
You have your ups and your serious serious downs. But the thing that makes me irritated the most is the lack of a life I have due to your crazy hours. I work 9 hours and then I'm so tired all I want to do is sit. It doesn't help that you make me work every weekend either.
So We're fixing this. You're going to make me work less. Enjoy my lack of hours, bitch.

Dear Vodka,
I love you. I hate you. On the brightside you made a mundane Saturday night a fun one. So thank you.
Maybe I will drink more of you tonight.

Dear Liver,
I'm sorry.

Dear Facebook,
Is there some way to block facebook when I'm drunk? Same with my blog? Because honestly I feel bad for my friends. I really do. I get drunk and all Photo oppy.
And then rambly. This is why that guy created IRC. For drunk nerds to hang out and be awesome.
Status updates don't need to happen every 4 minutes, but Drunk me seems to think so. (Bored me to, but I have no excuse for that.)
Life in general needs a Drunk block.

Dear Jen,
Seriously. You rock.

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Anonymous said...

Ha. Some great "letters".