Saving the World

I'm drunk but I pomise this Idea came around 515PM when I was on break. There were two black guys who I honestly wouldn't have given the time of day, but I heard them calling people sir and ma'am so my resolve broke down and I asked them what they were selling.
Turns out these two ghetto kids were trying to earn some money for their football team in the southside of Chicago.
Frankly just hearing they were from the southside made me want to donate, but I'm broke. So Instead I wished them luck and felt like and ass.

I want to save the world. Any of my friends who know me, know this. I want all the children cared for, and all the homes fed. I know I don't have enough money to reach out to every child. But I do know I have enough to reach out to those who are close to me.
My little brother is smart, regardless of what people tell you, and my little sister is too damn curious to do anything other than a zoologist. And my niece and nephew? I can't tell you what they want to be, but whatever it is, in the later years, I want them to have the chance I never had.

I know for a fact that if I ever gave a shit about college or thought I would make it through my ACT's I'd have tried a bit harder. But after hearing what my real parents had to say, I gave up. With out 100% Encouragement, I gave up. With a slight disadvantage over the other kids, (Adhd and Learning disabled) I gave up. I did. I didn't bother learning to spell, turn in my homework or give a shit about school.

I assumed that since I had no real means, I had no way to pay the way. Not all the way through it. So I never too school seriously. No one ever said, "College, Thats what you should do." No one. And I don't blame my family, since I never took school seriouisly, so how were they to know?

But I don't want people I love, who are intelligent and smart, to suffer. I want my niece and Nephew to go to whatever college they go to, and I want my little brother and sister to have a head start on it, even if thats all I can give them.

I'm not rich. Not in the least. ever dollar I get has a plan. I just need everyone else to see it, the way I do. And if they don't accept it, so be it. But the though and the love was there. Even if they don't understand.

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