50 things about me

  1. I learned how to drink on Captain morgan and to this day, years later, it's my drink of choice.
  2. I've owned two cars in my life. One was free the other I've paid off.
  3. I have an obsession with books. I want a Kindle, but I have a relationship with books.
  4. I dance around my room mouthing words into a hairbrush when I'm sad. It cheers me right up.
  5. Mafia.org is where I met John.
  6. I call John Trevikins on Mafia.org
  7. It's the mafia and he has the gayest nickname ever from it.
  8. My parents all contributed from my music taste. Elvis and Country from my mom, Cher from my other Mom and Oldies from my dads.
  9. I actually prefer savory over sweet. I don't really like cake that much. Sorry.
  10. I drive like a crazy person, and talk to the cars infront of me. "Excuse me, Ford Taurus, can you please at least go the speed limit or...GET THE FUCK OFF TEH ROAD?! THANKS....Maybe? No? Damn."
  11. I might be secretly greek or Italian with the urge to feed people.
  12. I only cook when someone else is going to eat it, cooking for myself is gay.
  13. I am horribly shy. Crowds are a no thank you.
  14. I used to love Navy before walmart.
  15. I still have shoes from 2000. And I love them.
  16. Im scared of heights, spiders, death, thunderstorms and Semi's.
  17. The hardest part about moving to England is leaving Alex and Emily. The two people who get really super excited to see me. (Everyone else too, but those two have the best greetings)
  18. I love shoes. Seriously. If I didn't have wide feet I'd be broke.
  19. I used to steal thongs from Charotte russe. My mom would hide them. On my 18th birthday I got a hatbox full of thongs. I still ahve the box adn most of the thongs.
  20. My mother is my best friend.
  21. I'm turning into both of my mom's.
  22. The two people I want to be like in life are My mom and my big sister. Except I don't want to drunkenly break my toliet paper holder. (Heh.)
  23. Everything makes me cry. Country songs, Commercials, Movies, Sitcoms, books and even comics.
  24. If I hug you, you're awesome. Thats the general rule of thumb.
  25. I have always thought I was fat. Since I was about 12. Only now is it true.
  26. I still sleep with my teddy bear.
  27. I'm a packrat. I keep everything. I have a gnome I stole from someone's yard when I was 13.
  28. I regret the friends I've lost.
  29. I've had a lot of awesome friends.
  30. I'm horrified that I will never amount to anything. ever.
  31. I secretly read my little sisters Kid books. And I love them.
  32. I cried when someone knocked me over in 1st grade and my copy of the Wizard of Oz fell into a puddle. I continued reading, but it was hard.
  33. I couldn't read like the other kids. I was taken to a specialist at the school, who taught me. I haven't stopped since.
  34. I have a friend named David who I call "Poodle" and I'm his "Pookie"
  35. I blog as an excuse to not write a book.
  36. I can rap. To songs already on the radio. Not like freestyle.
  37. Poetry is fun.
  38. fifty was a really big number.
  39. I decided to like the color pink freshman year because it was so uncool. It then became cool. I haven't changed my mind.
  40. My grandma used to serve me cereal with half and half as the milk.
  41. My grandma always had raisin bread on hand.
  42. Funerals can apparently be fun.
  43. I cry at everything but am also emotionally retarded.
  44. Drinking makes me happy.
  45. I have to pee.
  46. Seriously fifty was a stretch.
  47. I was in Set crew in Highschool but longed for teh spotlight. My stage fright prevented it.
  48. I love playing volleyball and have a mean overhand serve.
  49. I hate socks.
  50. I wad up my toilet paper so I can use more.

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