Lack of sleep, Walmart and Reading Rainbow

I think someone should come over when it's time for me to go to bed and just sit in the corner making sure I'm not doing things. And by things, I mean literally anything. I need someone to stare at me to make sure I'm laying there with my eyes closed instead of laying there reading, eating ice cream maybe even sitting online. It never ends well.

Heres how it works, I find something to do and after an hour or two when it's 12am I'm going "Well 5 hours of sleep isn't enough, might as well just stay up all night." And then...I DO. But every few hours I look at the time and repeat it, changing the amount of sleep I'm not getting. "Well, 2 hours and 24 minutes just isn't going to do. I Can never deal with Walmart people on that amount."

I'm terrified of being late. I Hate it, I'm overly punctuall and I actually will forsake sleep if It means I get to work on time. I'm also very all or nothing when it comes to my sleep. I will sleep 13 hours in the drop of a hat, but 3? NO, thats unheard of. Even my naps turn into mini sleep marathons.
I love sleeping, it's warm, relaxing, great dreams etc etc.

So I really need to start sleeping. I was doing so well until someone threw the 6:30AM shift at me. THANKS GUYS. And then instead of coming home and staying awake like I wanted to, I just passed out. Didn't mean to but it was just so fucking hot in this room, and I was so god damn tired.

So now I'm going to be up all night. On the brightside my dishes will get done and my room will most likely get cleaned. Horrah I suppose?

And another really good reason for why I should sleep is Walmart people/customers are so much easier to deal with when I've had like 17 hours of coma. It's so true, little things don't bother me, I don't get really honest telling customers I hate my job. It works out all around for everything, I think.

Oh. And anyone wanna be my suga daddy and take me book shopping? The reading rainbow is about to die in my room with a lack of books. I will... Uhm... find a midget to service you? Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Haha, pay me more than $7 an hour, and I'll be your Night Watchman, lol.

Jen said...

I would, but that leaves me about a buck forty to pay rent with :p I need a homeless guy to do it or something. Lol

MrK said...

Miss Jennifer! I was that guy that dragged you to bed every night or kept us so busy during the day that sleeping was an easy thing when it was time! Never fear, when you're here I'll make sure you're exhausted every evening :D

I'm not homeless though :/