Happy Birthday Laeci

My friend from Walmart, Laeci, turned 19 er..yesterday.. and I did what any self respecting 23 year old would do, I got her drunk. When I was 19 I had kids buying for me and celebrating the proper way. We were responsible, I had two drinks and was sober by the time it came to drive them home, but she had a blast. And to me, that is all that matters.

We started off the night with me reading a book and wanting to finish it even though I knew I had to go, so I finally packed it in my purse and headed to applebees for dinner. After dinner Steve showed up, and since he had to work, he was tired and opted out of the drinking. Something to do with a white sox game but since they suck, I didn't pay attention.

We played games, laughed a lot and ended up running around on the playground. May I just say that Fat girl over here raced Laeci and won? Thats right, running. Not Pie eating, or facebook updating, running. And I won. Small victory. Caused Jes to bust out laughing.

Then Steve drove the girls home and I drove the boys home in the boy's car. Steve took me back home and was an absolute sweetheart about it. I owe him some cake, or more vodka. Maybe cake filled with vodka.

Laeci had a great night and so did the rest of us. So Laeci, Manny, Daniel, Amanda and Steve, thank you. <3 You guys rock my world.

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