It can never be "Peachy Keen" ever, can it? It's like a rule to life, "Something must be fucked up." there is no complete happiness and goodness knows when the shit hits the fan you're just going to covered in it, aren't you?


As you all know, my car was dead. Then it was better. Turns out it's broke still and I'm supposed to take it in today. I know I should, I know I need to. But look at the time! I just wont have enough time between now and 4 to get to work. Shame, really.

And if that wasn't bad enough I woke up this morning to a male voice in my apartment. One that sounds really fuckin' familiar. Oh, Hey Joey. Back to beat the shit out of Jes some more? Or maybe just scream a lot and make living here horrible? Awesome. Good. Go ahead and take her happiness away again, its totally what needed to be done.


I need to stop giving friends good advice just so they can ignore and and do the exact opposite of what I said. IM LOOKIN' AT YOU EMILY. So it's cool. It's your life, you do what you want. But I'm thinking that maybe in a week when the first fight is thrown, I'm kicking his ass out. Either that, or Jes can figure out how to pay the rent herself.

Or you now, I'll hate my life and be locked in my room like normal. But its good to have thoughts of taking a stand for yourself, isn't it?


W said...

I feel bad for her baby. What a hellish existence. IIWY, I'd call the fucking cops next time. Do it in the spirit of being a true friend to her.

Jen said...

I want to but I have never seen him hit her. I read about it in the letter to her other boyfriend. For all I know she's lying to him to make up an excuse for not writing to him in Jail. She sure picks winners, doesn't she?
I want to call the cops on him, but you cant get arrested for being high.

Jen said...

I have not been reading your blog but for a week or so, but from this post, I take it that Jes is in an abusive relationship?

If that is the case, you can't force her out of it. You can try and coax her, you can call the cops or her family, but she will not leave him until she can admit to herself truly that she realizes what he does to her and that she wants it to stop. You can't force her to leave until she wants to.

I grew up in the home of an abusive father, I have grown up around friends with abusive families and I even know someone right now who's pregnant 18 year old daughter abuses her.

All you can do is be there for her, support her, and listen to her.