Hold the wheel, I have to jack this fucker in the face

Today was a shit-tacular day. Seriously. I woke up, I was happy and ready to go to work. I was determined to have a good day.
And then some dumb bitch ruined it all.

Paula, this moron who I hate, called to get a price check. After about 10 minutes of no help/response/whatever she gave up and the customer left. The phone started ringing. Non-stop for 10 minutes. I finally answered it and the lady on the other end was like "Hey, just let her know next time to call us back, or pick up the phone and inform us the customer left." And I was all "Sure thang, no problem." And then told Paula this.

Paula's new customer (Not the one with the price check) stomps over to me and goes, "I WAS THE ONE WHO TOLD HER NOT TO ANSWER THAT PHONE. I'VE BEEN WAITING IN LINE FOR TEN MINUTES." And I nodded, apologized and resumed working. Then her daughter started walking to customer service, to tattle on my "rudeness" and at that moment Crystal, who is behind me, goes "Hey Jen! Do you know who's cart that is?" And the lady LOOKS at me, goes "Oh your name's Jen is it?" (No shit Lady, I'm WEARING A NAMETAG.) And then grins and claps her hands like she's won a fucking prize.

The customer I was helping and the one after offered to stay and let my managers know I did nothing wrong. But I told them not to worry about it, all I'd be losing is a job I hated.

Dani turns my light off and I get pulled into the cash office with Manager Mike and her. I ignore Mike, because either way he's a grade A douche bag. I explain to Dani what happened and really just wanted to add, "Look, if I was going to be rude to her knowing I'd lose my job, don't you think I'd have really thrown a fit? Punched her in the face? Screamed at her for being a miserable human being?" But no. Instead I was nice, polite and got in trouble for nothing.

And the best part of the whole thing is the fact that I was upset that they DIDN'T fire me. Damn.

Then Kay yelled at me, but I got to go home eventually where I read a book and my day has gotten a lot better. Yes.

So yay for Walmart, I guess?

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Anonymous said...

wow... how hard would it have been for that dumb bitch to take her shit to another register so that she didn't have to bitch about waiting in line for 10 minutes?

How much do you want to bet that if she needed a price check, she wouldn't give 2 shits about the people in line behind her. But it happens to her and it's a freakin' tragedy?

I seriously don't know how you manage to keep from flipping people off. It's too bad they won't let you transfer to the Woodstock location, people seem nicer out there. Have you ever thought about applying at Farm n Fleet? It might be the same crap but at least it would be a shorter commute.

Oh well you only have a couple more months to tolerate it. Be happy you won't be there for the Christmas shopping insanity :)