And theres that silver lining...

Yesterday sucked. Seriously. I asked for break at 4:50 when I was supposed to get it, but Linda was stressed and freaked out a bit at me, so I backed off and went to my register. There were two other CSMs there who are completely useless. So I waited. I wanted to see how long it would take to get my break.
Watched Beth go to the clipboard and study it for 5 minutes on numerous occasions and then walk away. Sarah and I both needed our breaks, we were laughing at her by the end of it. So in the end it took another hour to get a break. I told Linda who finally walked over going "Did you go on break?" "Nope.""Shit girl, go!" "Nah, waiting til 45 after, then at 6 I'll go to the meeting and then lunch." She nodded, "Ok."

So I went on break at 5:45 and as I'm outside telling John the joys of walmart a car pulls in that looks a LOT like my car. "Is...Is that my car? With my Daddy inside it?" And I ask this about 50 times, but the car looks far to clean to be mine. But I run over there and go, "It is! It is my daddy inside my car!"

And then my dad tells me how the story of his daughter being stranded in Woodstock, and how he and mom are driving back and forth to take me to work and how I'm trying to plan a wedding and such, had passed through the garage and the mechanics decided to stay late Thursday night, and then Friday morning when the owner got there two of his men were waiting for him so they could finish working on it.
I owe them a HUGE thank you card. Because that is hands down the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

So I have a car! I do! I do! I do! I do!

The meeting was a joke, which was expected. I didn't clock out for lunch until 6:57 and managed to come back at 7:51 and as I'm walking to my register Beth, the idiot she is, goes "You're late from lunch Jennifer" in that condescending tone she has that makes me want to punch her.
Uhm, no, I'm not late. But good try peeps. Really good try.
And then I had an issue with someones credit card and she came over acting like it was a huge inconvenience to her, causing the customers to go "Wow, isn't she just happy. So sorry to bother her." And I told them about what happened earlier. I hope they call in.
And later my pin pad broke so the touch screen wouldn't work, and Beth acted as if I had done something wrong. "Oh, well you go to fast and these things happen." No Beth, I'm not swiping the card wrong you idiot, its BROKEN. Jesus. What a fucking moron.

Then I went on break and after break stood around for 20 minutes waiting for an unbroken register. While instead of doing her job Beth was standing in customer service babbling away to someone about something no one gives a shit about.

Long story short, I fucking hate Beth. She can't do her job, and she's rude about it.
Short story of happiness, YAY I HAVE MY CAR BACK!

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MrK said...

I hate Beth too, she sounds like a complete idiot. Never fear miss Jennifer, you do not have to work there for that much longer <3