Epic England: Post 2


As promised I am posting yet again. But before I get to my England adventures, I’m going to go ahead and tell you about the last few days in America. Yes, I’m that cool.

Work was pleasant, I suppose. I actually really missed some of the people I worked with. And it always amazes me how much they care. I was greeted by hugs, running leaping hugs if you count Laeci, and “how was it? did you have a great time?” in a chorus. A few people were privileged to the whole story of greatness, most just got “I had an amazing time, but it was exhausting.” Which it was.

It’s hard to believe that at a job I hate, I could have made so many great friends.

Serious note now: Remember how I told you all about Penny?  Well I came back asking about her, she’s doing just fine. In a few more weeks she’ll be back at work and hopefully come with a fruit salad.

Apparently Walmart breeds sadness since a few weeks ago, I was hung-over on a Sunday and had to go to work. I spent the day talking and laughing with Melanie, who trained me and we’ve been friends ever since, but Melanie was suffering from horrible migraines. Right before I left Beth told me she had been admitted to the hospital, and upon closer inspection she had a brain tumor.

That was the last I heard before fleeing the country.

I came back and wasn’t sure how to touch the subject, “Hey Beth, did your cousin die yet?” or “Hey Beth, how is Melanie?” Only to open a wound that may have just healed if she had died. Fuck, I was screwed. So I went to Pat, “Pat.. Did Melanie die?” turns out she didn’t, and she came in later that day.

Her surgery went well, but it’s terminal. As most cancers to the brain are. I saw her and just walked over and hugged her. How unfair is life, hmm? This woman raised three boys on her own because her ex husband was a wife beater. All three of them are either out of college, in College or in the case of her youngest, heading off to an out of state college on a full scholarship.

I know “God works in mysterious ways” but sometimes, his ways fucking suck ass.

OK. Seriousness aside, although that was a rather somber post- wasn’t it? Hmm. I guess I should lighten things up a bit around here.


So on to England! I’m warning you now though, it’s written strangely and I’m still sick so I’m copying straight out of my notebook as is. Maybe a few edits, but not many


Right now I’m sitting on a massive train- we’re headed to Paris. Four hours of sleep and one really full day ahead of us. John is attempting to sleep, but I figure I’ll just muddle through. So while I finally have a moment of peace, I shall catch you up on the going ons of my life. 


As you know, Thursday was drinking at the Greystoke with Geoff. Well Friday was much the same except no Greystoke, or Geoff.
Friday during the day John and I just wandered around town popping in and out of stores while I spent all my money. Overall loot? Two purses, a shiny silver belt a set of earrings, necklace and bracelet, plus a watch (Edit: Which has now gone missing. Believe to have left it in Paris.)

After an exhausting day shopping and picking up not only above loot but headphones for my IPod, a memory card for my Camera and a USB Stick to store my pictures on we treated ourselves to ice-cream and started the long walk home. And by long, I mean like 20 minutes. On the way home I saw a bag in a window, lilac leather with two black outlined flowers on it. I walked in and asked how much it was, and after hearing the price told them I would take it. Apparently, I have a thing for handbags, who knew?

After getting home we showered and got ready for a night of laughter at the Comedy club in Fuck if I know. Some town some where, in England. Picking up Joey on the way; Paul, Joey, John and myself squeezed into the taxi. Overall the night was fun, although it took two hours for our food even if we did order first. The comedy was alright, some were funnier than others, and the accents…very hard to understand sometimes.

Saturday John and I took a wander to Little Venice,  after wandering around a bit we settled on having lunch upon a boat. before getting in line for another boat that would take us down the Canal and to Camden market.

Dear Americans: When you are in another country stop being so damn American.

When we were in line, a father and son had been in front of us. They left to go to the bathroom, and we didn’t move up in the line because they had left their things there so we assumed they’d be back. This group of Americans comes up, and starts saying they don’t like the hole in the line, and that it’s bad etc etc. Then they cut in front of us and even I was tempted to push them and their designer clothes into the dirty canal.

We got to Camden market where we did what else, but more shopping. Few trinkets bought here and there but the ultimate prize was the beautiful hair thing I got, silver with a light purple butterfly and some sparkly stones. As soon as I figure out how to use it, I will. But I’m thinking I’ll wear it to the wedding, since it’s you know, a butterfly. Yes.

When we got back we were supposed to meet up with Geoff and Kira for a night of fun at the spinning wheel maybe? But since my ear had been hurting something awful John and his mom got me an appointment at the hospital to be looked at. She drove us there, Ealing hospital, to the ER. Or whatever they call it. There was a little clinic at the side and we only waited a few minutes before we went in. Not too shabby.

We had infections. Both ears. One was old, the other not so old. Got some drugs and pain pills and the best part? Cost me nothing. Fuck you, America. Fuck you.

His mom then drove around with us trying to find the 24 hour pharmacy- Bliss. Turns out, it’s not 24 hours. Bliss was closed. We get back to the house and his parents take off to the one 24 hour pharmacy he knew off. While they were gone John poured me a very strong and yet, very delicious captain and diet.

I couldn’t thank them enough when they got home and handed me my pills. Turns out the two prescriptions cost about 10 bucks. I was floored. I felt like hell, but I couldn’t help but smile.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling much better, although there was a bit of pain here and there it was nothing to be overly worried about. John made breakfast for us both and then we embarked, his parents and us, on a journey to some very tiny and old villages. I believe Bribury and Helford, but I could be horribly wrong but either way it is not that important.

I loved every minute of it. The dead duck was brilliant as was the massive hill we had to trek up, so difficult. You have no idea. Lovely lunch with John and his parents, quite possibly one of the greatest burgers I have ever eaten.

Spent the next hour wandering around the town, buying things for other people and myself. We stopped inside their Museum room full of old stuff, that was interesting. We headed back to the car after buying some cake and chocolate. John ate his cake, and rather enjoyed it I think..


We got back and prepared ourselves to meet up with everyone at the plough, which is a pub in…somewhere. By the curry place! And that train station…And it apparently has a potted plant that will not hold me up when drunk, but that’s another story.

Joey, Paul, John, Jon Kenny, Belinda, Geoff, Kira and myself were present. We had alcohol a plenty, John and I did a shot of tequila and the night nearly ended with a Kebab Gross meat thing in a Styrofoam container that you used a small two pronged wooden fork to eat. But then Jon Kenny and Belinda invited us back to theirs where more beer was to be had. John and I finally got a cab at 2 am and found our way to bed around three.

We wake up early the next morning to go meet John’s Aunt Shirley and his grandma. After roughly two hours in the car we arrived and I was greeted with open arms. Conversation flowed but John and I kept giggling at each other, “I have no idea who Allison is..” and his mom left to go get his grandma and his dad who had taken the train down. His grandma was, quite frankly, very old. 90 something if I remember correctly.

Lunch was very good, a spread of cold meats and veggies. Mmm Veggies. Dessert was apple cobbler, but I had to pass on it seeing as I was full. After four more hours of talking we finally headed out- in a storm that reminded me of home. After a quick stop at McDonalds we finally got home.

We were exhausted and yet we had to pack because the following morning we were off to Paris- although John failed to mention the euro star would go under the sea. (Which is where I was when I wrote this.)

We woke up at 4AM. Do you have any idea how cold a tent in London is at 4Am? I’ll give you a hint, ever been in a lake at 6am in upper Wisconsin? Its a bit like that, just less roaring.

So here we are, blindly groping around since neither of us can keep our eyes open. We get to the train station and I’m outside having my morning smoke while John got some Euros. All I wanted was a coffee and 2 more hours of sleep. We did stop at a store in the station and picked up sandwiches, diet coke, coke and some Kleenex. Oddly enough the coke lasted until the train ride home. Diet coke? Never stood a chance.

On the train we were tired, but excited. We ate and then both managed to fall asleep for the entire journey to Paris- (Edit: Can you tell that at some point I stopped writing and continued? This is what I meant where I said It’d be confusing.)

We woke up, in France. It was wonderful. “Wonder how much longer we have?” And BAM we’re in the station. We got off and quickly looked for a bathroom for me, since I had to pee like a racehorse. We step outside and I laugh, first thing I am greeted with in France is a McDonalds. The brilliance of it all made me giggle like a girl. We stood around waiting for a taxi before realizing there was a line of people waiting for taxis. It wasn’t until about forty minutes later we were blessed with a taxi.

John had purchased a map and a book of Paris where as I had gotten a book of French Phrases. I learned quickly that I am much better at German and French is nothing like German. We got to the Hotel far to early to check in so we left our suitcase there. Teddy came with us as we walked towards the Eiffel tower.

We stopped in a bakery and picked up a few goodies. In the park next to the tower we sat down on a bench to eat before getting in the longest line in the history of the world. After an hour even two, we bought or tickets. I was freaking out, worried about being so high up, seeing as I am terrified of heights.

(Note: 2058 words so far. Goodness me!)

I’m going to end this one with a video and pick up either later today or tomorrow.


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I'm very much enjoying your tales about your recent trip : )

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