We woke up early to a lovely spring day outside and headed to Emily's house to pick her up before hitting the Starbucks for coffee, because lets be honest, I'm just not human until I've had some caffine.

After the Starbucks we got to Color me Mine, and for those of you who are unaware what that is, it's a place where you buy peices of unfinished pottery and then spend the afternoon painting them. It's so unbelievably relaxing that I think it's going to be my new therapy.

We all selected our pieces and sat down to some serious business. Which is what this is, serious business.
All in all we had a kick ass time, I painted two mugs while John painted one. Emily painted a mug and a picture frame. It costs a bit of money, but I think it was well worth it for a relaxing two hours of fun, and the massive mess we made but didn't have to clean up.

After we finished we realized we were all hungry as hell, so we headed to the diner Three brothers for some lunch. John and I split a sandwich that came with soup. It was very delicious, no doubt.

We dropped Emily off and headed home for the rest of the afternoon, playing Ravenhurt Manor until we were too tired to move. We passed out and said goodbye to yet another day.

Wednesday will be updated later, because John is now done sorting my laundry and is fully prepared to head off to my mom's.


Libërty said...

that just sounds like a movie day. fo sho.

KLo said...

Do you know if they have "Color Me Mine" across the country? It sounds incredibly therapeutic : )

Jen said...

I believe they do, KLo. Either that or some sort of painting place since one of the blogs I read, Bethany Actually, is the one who gave me the idea to go.