My Week thus far

Howdy readers! I know I've been a bit lax in the updates lately, but when I get home from my long days I don't really feel like writing anything. Plus this Cold I woke up with on Monday is literally trying to kill me. But have no fear, for I am armed with Dayquill and nightquill. So all will be ok.

Where should I start? I suppose Monday is good.
Monday: I woke up around 7:30am since I went to bed early the night before. I Picked up my room a bit and showered. Grabbing my purse I headed to my Mom's house where I hung out for a bit chatting before stealing not only her I-Pass, but her cell phone as well seeing as I forgot mine. (Ooops.)
Headed to Ohare to pick up the English and it started to rain. Not like, drizzle rain, but downpour. Try driving in that while going 60 on I-90. It's not easy and by the time I got to Ohare I needed to punch something in the face. But alas, I didn't.

I sat around, waiting for John until finally I saw him on the opposite side of the terminal, looking at his phone and being generally confused. I went and got him and off we went. In the rain.
(Rain sucks.)

On the way back we stopped at Walmart to shop for Groceries, knowing we shouldn't spend any money. Well we walked out with a new 19'' flat screen TV for my bedroom, a New Dell HP Desktop and a few other goodies. Seriously, we need to stop spending money. We're so dumb. lol.

We stopped at my Mom's house yet again to drop off the I-pass and the cell phone and also to pick up my boxes of books. We get back to the apartment and start cleaning and putting my books away. After the books were sorted we brought in the TV quickly setting that up. I grinned happily as he lugged in the giant computer box and we quickly got it assembled and running.

It's beautiful. Seriously. I would marry my desktop computer if I didn't have John.

The rest of the day was spent playing the sims and other various games, downloading this and that and then we heard the fight.
Joey was yelling at Jes for some reason, and he left leaving her crying. She didn't want to talk about it so John and I went for a ride to get a power strip, cigarettes and just give her some time to herself. We invited her out to dinner but she declined, so we ended up at the Applebees where we had yummy food and a few drinks.
It was good, and then we came home and he went to bed, where as I was wide awake, so I played the sims some more.

Thats Monday for you, when we get back from my Mom's tonight I will update you all on Tuesday and the rest of the week. Have a good day!

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