The last week

I suppose I should catch everyone up on my week of John time, eh?
We'll start with Wednesday. It was a long day, but a good one at the same time. It all started with a magical trip to starbucks to pick up coffee before heading out to see my dad in Skoakie. It was a beautiful day outside, 50 something degrees and sunny. Lovely spring weather. Few degrees more and It would have been perfect.

We stopped at my dads house so I could pee and prepare him for the fun that awaited him. See, John promised me that I could have a shopping day. The boy foolishly handed me his credit card and said to have fun. HAHAHA. Moron.
So we went to Old Orchard mall, which is a block away from my dad's house. At lord and Taylor I was accosted by this small woman who had a heavy accent that I still can't place. It turns out Dior has come out with a new foundation! And would I like to try it.

Well I am a big fan of free things, so I agreed quickly. I sent the boys to starbucks hoping they would remember my coffee order, and yet when they didn't I wasn't surprised. This woman used 20 things on my face and in the end I was pretty, but I was ready to get out of that chair. She tried to sell me everything under the sun but I only purchased the face cream, which I will use, and the lipgloss because I love lipgloss. Why did I do this? Because I wanted a free gift with my purchase! I ended up getting a lipgloss/lipstick thing that I really like.

After that we headed outside to walk the perimeter of the store, slowly stopping in at places and looking at things and trying them on.
Some of the highlights of the trip included:
1.) Calling Emily for fashion advice from the fitting room at some store.
2.) Getting stuck in a dress at the gap.
3.) Getting Chocolate truffles from Ethels and me just realizing now John never finished his.. *Runs to living room to eat*
4.) My Dad and John bonding over how much they hate shopping.
5.) Scaring not only John but my father as I wandered through Tiffanys with a credit card in hand.

After we finished shopping we headed to my Dad's to meet with Candy, the neighbor who is a really nice lady. We sat and talked for a while before being rescued by Barb to go eat dinner. Which I must say was flippin' delicious. California Pizza kitchen is the bomb. No doubt.

After stuffing ourselves on Wild Mushroom and Carribean Jerk Chicken Pizza we headed to Dad's to lounge on the couch watching TV before I realized I was so tired I wanted to go home. We said our goodbyes and quickly made it out the door. I had plans to stop at Starbucks, but unfortunatly I had so much Pizza my stomach was begging me to fart and not put any more food inside of me.

And for Photographic evidence of insanity, here is my Father. Who I had to fight with to get his picture. He's a very defensive driver, and scares the shit out of me when he brakes. (Really hard. Sudden. Freakishly horrible.) I conviced him I wanted the cops to have photographic evidence of the man who killed me. He enjoys tormenting me, but truth be told I am his favorite.

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