And again...

Don't have a whole lot to say at this point. I spent 16 hours sleeping last night and feel like I could go for another 10. My foster dad is in the hospital. I plan on stopping by the house before work today and finding out if there is any update.

Its amazing how you can be so tired from lack of sleep but in a moment bad news can make you wake up better than caffeine.
50 minutes until I have to leave for work. I wonder if thats enough time for a nap?

Oh and someone remind me to blog about the following:
3 Asshole customers. 1 Lying Co-worker. Old Lady Confronting a line of cars. Kay being mean to me.

Yesterday was an interesting and fun day. But my throat hurts. And I have to sit here now for an hour. Yay!


KLo said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on. Just take a deep breath and take it one step at a time (and don't forget to smile : ) ... even if it's hard to find things to smile about).

Don't forget to post about the stuff at work (I'm assuming) ... sounds like it'll be very entertaining!

Jen said...

Thanks :D
Work will keep my mind off of it for a few hours at least. I'll be far to busy entertaining others and myself in hopes of making our shifts go faster.