Work Stories

So on the 24th I went to work on no sleep. I took a sleeping pill when I got home at 10pm but then Jes had to go to the ER because her throat was swollen. I was babysitting. Since I don't wake up when the baby cries normally, I knew I wouldn't on a sleeping pill.
So I stayed up till Jes got home at nearly 3am. Knowing it would be pointless to sleep 2 hours and then go to work, I called Emily and we headed off to Denny's for breakfast.

Fast forward.

I get to work and I'm fine. I have enough coffee and red bull in me to run a village. Enter customer #1. He's buying Nicotine gum and something else. he swipes his card and puts it away faster than you can say "Walmart" after a second it asks to verify his signatures, so I ask for a photo id and the card he used.
He throws a fit, "Why couldn't you have asked when I had it out."
"Well sir, it prompts me, and I have no idea when it is going to ask."
"This is why I never shop here anymore."
"So sorry sir, *Hands receipt* have a nice afternoon" (note it's like 8am at this point.)

He walks away till he's about 10-15 ft away and goes, "*grumble* It's still MORNING!"

I wanted to say, "Fine, have a good morning but a shitty ass afternoon, buddy!" but then I didn't want to loose my job.
I went about in my day.

Customer number two was a couple, about 50-60 and they had a visa giftcard that you have to run like a credit card. With these, if it's less than the total bill you have to know exactly what is on it or it will decline it.

"Ma'am, how much is left on the card."
"oh, I don't know...30?"
"Ok." So I punch in "30 Credit" and she slides the card.
It goes through and I go, "alright, it took thirty off your remaining balance is..."
"what? You only put in thirty? Well now I have to carry this stupid card around, and what good are you?"
Her husband breaks in, "I'll carry the card." at this point he has slid his card and while I'm apologizing to the woman he barks, "Press the credit key." and I do.

Part of me wanted to say, "Look lady, if there was 32.75 left on it you'd still have to carry the damn card around!" But I didn't.

Later, I was in the breakroom enjoying my lunch of air when Amanda, the talkative idiot comes to sit by me. She's babbling about something and mentions the thuder storm we had last summer. "yea, I was talking to my cousin on the mic and the power went out and I said, "Hello... Are you there?" and he said "Yea..."
And of course I went, "If your power was out how was your computer and internet still on?"
She had to think about it, after blushing. So note to self don't listen to a damn word she says.

I'm sure theres more, but I'm so tired that I can't think straight. I've started carrying a note pad with me so I can write down crazy incounters at work, because it's far more interesting than my actual life. Thank god tomorrow I'm off because if I have one more day of stupidity I might just kill people.

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