We're going to the chapel....

So yesterday I had an appointment with Davids Bridal to try on wedding dresses. Emily finally convinced me to go, so I dragged her and invited my Mom to come along. (Also invited my sister but she's all "Grown up" and has one of those "Real Jobs" people keep talking about.)

Emily and I drove in my car and ended up arriving about 40 minutes early. We both forgot about breakfast so I bought us sandwiches at Jimmy Johns across the street. I seriously forgot how good Jimmy Johns is. And it really is, Freaky fast. You walk in and this chorus of "Hey!" "Hows it going" "Sup?" fill the air and its just a wee bit unnerving.

We headed to Davids Bridal and filled out the forms and then... It was time. I tried on a princess dress (When I get to my moms I will link to pictures.) and the train was far too long, plus it weighed about 50 lbs with all the stuff on the bodice.
I then tried on another princess dress, which I don't have pictures for, but knew I didn't like it.
Then I tried on my dress, WHICH YOU CAN SEE HERE. MEANING JOHN DON'T CLICK, and I loved it. It made me look skinny and tall and not to mention LIKE A PRINCESS!

But Emily and Mom insisted I try on other dresses. I think I tried about 15 on total, and by the end of it I was exhausted. We got the dress, the slip, the corset/bra thing, my Veil, Blusher and of course... MY TIARA, Because what princess is complete with out one?

Mom then signed up for the DB Credit card and bought the dress and all the fixins to go with it while Emily and I pondered Bridesmaid dresses. I have decided that we're going to do a black and White wedding, since we don't really know what month or season it will happen in. And then we can at least use whatever color from that season as accent colors and such. (See ma, I'm a girl sometimes!)

So all in all, I had an awesome day yesterday. Emily came over and I made us some pasta for dinner only to play BOOGIE SUPERSTARS for the next two hours. That game has started to be quite the work out.
I then finished my drink, had a few more, and went to bed. Dress shopping is TIRING.
This is why I prefer pants.

Oh, and apparently my ragged old Adidas Flipflop/Sandals are not appropriate Wedding wear :(


big jen said...

Hello I can bedazzle some ballet slippers for ya' like I did under my wedding dress. No way I was wearin heals - hahaha. and no one was the wiser!

sorry I missed it - I wish I didn't have a real job that didn't require me to complete all the work Im missing going on vacation before I actually go on vacation - ugh!

Jen said...

I have super wide feet, I tried on a pair and they hurt. Which is odd.
So I will get a pair of heels for the ceremony and a pair of flip flops for the reception.

That way I don't get neck strain from looking up at John while saying "I Do." :p